BI IS MOBILE!!! Who Needs To Go to the Office to Work?

I hardly ever go to the office anymore. I work harder than ever but I don’t go to the office to do that work! That’s where mobile BI comes in! I need a way to stay in touch, solve problems before they become problems, and get automatic alerts that save me time and the effort. I do all of this from my smart phone and sometimes on my tablet device.
The Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management solution I chose provides the right combination of features and functionality, combined with practicality, simplicity, affordability and usability for strategic, operational and tactical BI that allows me to adapt to change and solve problems as quickly as they arise!

Browser-based BI architecture and proven technology ensures simple integration of enterprise applications databases and other data sources and provides scalable accessibility on the road and in the office. It requires no expert assistance.

I have flexible, mobile, multidimensional features and functionality like OLAP, graphs, charts, key performance indicators (KPIs), balanced scorecards, a personalized dashboard with drag and drop, interactive building blocks, charts, templates, drill down and drill through functionality, time series filtering, export to PDF and JPG, delivery and publishing features, forecasting and analysis, cross-tab and graphical displays, what if sensitivity analysis, customized exception reporting and alerts, and reporting.

Best of all, my BI and CPM suite is compatible with all popular Smart Phones and tablets including iPad, iPhone, and Android. I can access the suite of modules from anywhere…which means I’m one step ahead of the competition.

If you want the advantage of mobile BI without sacrificing features, function or usability, email

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