Mobile BI

Betsy says: I hardly ever go to the office anymore. You’ll notice I didn’t say that I don’t WORK. I work harder than ever but I don’t go to the office! That’s where mobile BI comes in! I stay in touch, solve problems before they become problems, and get automatic alerts that save me time and the effort. I do all of this from my smart phone and sometimes on my tablet device at home.

My Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management solution gives me the right combination of features and functionality, combined with practicality, simplicity, affordability and usability for strategic, operational and tactical BI so I can adapt to change and solve problems as quickly as they arise!Tell me your secret weapon for staying abreast of the ever-changing business environment, and making sure you look good in front of the boss. How do you manage all the information that comes your way while you are out of the office?

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