Everyone Thinks Their Job is THE Most Important. A Great BI Solution Doesn’t Take Sides!

Last summer I was asked to recommend a BI system for our sister company. I traveled to Los Angeles, California where I hoped to spend some downtime on the beach. Unfortunately, my colleagues had other plans.

On Monday, I was optimistic about meeting the needs of every potential business intelligence user. By Tuesday, I was deep in conflict. The executives wanted high level, clear information to support strategic decisions. Since their decisions were critical to business success, they felt their needs were the most important. The chief said, “If business strategy isn’t aligned with goals, objectives and activities for every unit, division, department, team and person, we’re working at cross purposes and our strategy will fail.”

The Operations Manager thought HER responsibilities were most important. “I deal with the big picture AND tactical details, every day…sometimes at the same time,” she said. “I have to quickly gather, filter and analyze information, to get an accurate picture of the operation, its progress and issues.”

Then there are the tactical worker bees! I talked to business analysts, spreadsheet developers and the people they support. I talked to people who juggled spreadsheets and reporting software and to everyone who tried to find and analyze data. They talked about delays and competing priorities and incomplete, undependable, error-ridden, out-of-date information.

I’m happy to report that I found a BI solution to satisfy everyone! It compiles data integrated from other systems for fast delivery and accurate analysis, and provides custom automated alerts and personalized dashboards so every user has meaningful data. AND, the solution was easy to implement, affordable, flexible, mobile, and browser-based. They can use it anywhere!

If you have to satisfy a myriad of user needs, don’t stress! Start with Business Intelligence Solution. You can drop a word or more to sales@elegantjbi.com.

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