Every Business Function Needs BI. Am I Right? Or Course, I’m Right!

I’ve said it a hundred times: Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) are critical to business success. You’re probably tired of my repeating this, but I’ll say it again. It doesn’t matter what your business function is, it is harder to be successful in today’s competitive business environment than it ever has been!

You need up-to-date, accurate information delivered in a clear, concise manner and accessible to all your users. You need intuitive BI and CPM solutions that meet YOUR needs, not the needs of some other industry, company or function. You need the solution to be affordable, simple and practical with scalable architecture to support user and data growth. Am I right?

Not every Business Intelligence and CPM solution is flexible enough to meet the requirements of specific business functions or the needs of a vertical industry or market segment. But you shouldn’t have to settle for something that doesn’t meet your needs! Am I right? Of course, I’m right.

Whether you manage projects or financial records; whether you are part of a supply chain, or managing benefits and training for HR – you need BI. You might be involved in CRM or sales, marketing or advertising; or maybe you control inventory or work in production planning or distribution. The bottom line is that want what YOU need. You should be able to personalize dashboards, use graphs, charts, gauges, automated alerts, OLAP and forecasting features to manage what YOU need to manage and do it within budget and in a timely fashion. Right?

If you need to manage your business function and you want flexible, affordable, intuitive Business Intelligence that everyone can use, I suggest you start here or email to sales@elegantjbi.com.

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