Advice for ERP Vendors, Integrators, Consultants: Integrate ERP and BI for GREAT Customer Value!

Every enterprise is cautious about IT investment. In this crazy, competitive business environment, everyone must consider the value, ROI and TCO of technology solutions. If ERP vendors want to market products and services to value conscious clients, they must provide innovative, cost-effective solutions to help the customer achieve business goals quickly and minimize investment.

Clients use data from ERP systems to make decisions, monitor activities, and perform operational, tactical and strategic tasks. But sometimes, it’s tough to find and analyze concise information in a timely manner. ERP vendors understand the importance of business intelligence and corporate performance management, but it isn’t their core competency. Still, BI integration with ERP products provides numerous benefits for ERP vendors AND clients, so it’s worth considering.

>> Improve customer ROI and reduce TCO
>> Provide flexible licensing and payment terms
>> Offer scalable solutions to ensure compliance with new requirements and growth
>> Provide browser-based access via web and mobile devices
>> Offer sophisticated, BI, personalized dashboards, balanced scorecards, OLAP analysis, forecasting, alerts and KPIs
>> Streamline BI reporting and analysis
>> Ensure competitive advantage in ERP market
>> Quickly and easily deploy BI solutions
>> Generate additional revenue
>> Improve client satisfaction with self-service BI tools
>> Optimize ERP system performance and prevent system overload

Building a BI solution is time consuming and expensive and offers no immediate competitive advantage. But you CAN integrate a flexible, intuitive BI suite with robust features and dependable OEM support. My advice to ERP vendors, integrators and consultants? Find a great BI and CPM partner and integrate BI and ERP to provide undeniable customer value. Go with the BI and CPM expert or email to

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