Don’t Use a Row Boat to Navigate Oceans of Data

I recently joined a cross-functional team to recommend a business intelligence solution, improve planning and better predict results using objective metrics. Our company owns businesses in several industries and wanted to eliminate guesswork and accurately plan and measure results across all businesses. Each business had multiple systems, databases and information sources. Some businesses were doing well; some were failing – no one knew why! We had oceans of data we couldn’t compile OR measure. Management had lots of questions!

>> How can we move Brand X into the top 10?
>> How can we reduce overhead for Company Y?
>> What is the turnover for Product Q clients acquired this fiscal year compared to the last 3 years?
>> Can we reduce supply chain delays for Company Z?
>> How effective is Product N advertising?
>> What are the market prospects for Company A?
>> How can Company S better manage seasonal demand?

Could we find a BI solution to enable each business with meaningful metrics and allow management to compile and analyze all data? We didn’t have the time or money to purchase or customize a complex BI solution.

We found a solution to achieve simple, sophisticated KPI analytical capability for each business, using powerful expressions, frequency, and thresholds. It’s easy-to-use and configure and provides multi-layered access rights. Users work in a collaborative environment to adjust tasks and processes. It provides clear metrics and indicators for concise performance management. We can compare results to a previous period and present data with intuitive, color highlighters, gauges, tabs, drill through, slice and dice and graphical data mining.

Our BI dashboards, alerts, metrics and key performance indicators keep each business on track. Management can monitor and improve results in every business and establish dependable strategies.

If you want to lay the foundation for a successful brand strategy and business success, contact the BI pros! or email

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