OK, So Your Industry Is Unique! You Can Still Use BI and CPM to Succeed!

Every time I go to a technology conference, I hear the same refrain. “No matter how flexible a software solution is, there are things that are specific to my industry that it will not satisfy.” Regardless of your industry, the need for enterprise business intelligence is undeniable. There are dozens of reasons why you should find and select an appropriate BI and CPM solution.

You’ll notice I said you should select an APPROPRIATE solution. So, what makes a BI solution appropriate? Does it have to be designed especially for your industry or vertical market? The answer to that question is a resounding ‘NO’!

An APPROPRIATE BI and CPM satisfies the following requirements:

>> Flexible, scalable and mobile to satisfy future growth and a user population that works within and outside the office
>> Practical, simple and affordable to implement with minimal training requirements
>> Suitable for every user, enabling personalized views of data, exception alerts, and sophisticated analysis
>> Accessible and intuitive to use for reporting, presentation, data sharing, and integration of disparate data sources
>> Rapid ROI, low TCO and flexible licensing with on-premises or Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted options

A great Business Intelligence solution will meet your current and future needs and help you identify trends and patterns, forecast and analyze, design strategy maps and balanced scorecards and establish objective metrics using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and it will do all of that, regardless of the vertical industry in which you compete.

BI is in use in manufacturing, retail, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, life science, hospitality, entertainment, transportation, travel, shipping, infrastructure, construction, trade, telecommunications, utilities, gas, oil, energy, education, consumer packaged goods, government, banking, financial services and insurance industries. Everyone in every industry is using BI to manage performance and gain a competitive advantage by responding quickly to market changes and customer buying behavior and needs.

If you need a BI and CPM solution that is flexible and robust enough for any industry, contact the pros at sales@elegantjbi.com.

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