When it Comes to BI, Your Team Should Take it Personally!

Nearly every business is considering, or has already implemented, a Business Intelligence (BI) solution. BI solutions are designed to provide transparency and enable performance management. But, if you really want to leverage BI and gain a competitive advantage, you should consider whether your BI solution provides timely, clear data integrated from every possible data source within the organization and is a useful tool for every organizational level.

Does your BI solution allow users to personalize information in a way that is meaningful to them? Is it easy to use and accessible in a mobile environment? Can users create a customized dashboard and view graphical depictions of data, drill up, down and through data, slice and dice, forecast, analyze, identify trends and patterns and stay abreast of critical business issues?

If the BI solution is cumbersome and limited to burdensome reporting and out-of-date information, users can’t support goals and objectives, make course corrections or share information. But, if your users and enterprise can personalize and analyze information at the strategic, operational and tactical level; and align resources, financial and sales initiatives and other business initiatives, it’s easier to compete in the market and stay ahead of the competition.

What could your team do with a flexible, intuitive BI dashboard, a current snapshot of performance and flexible personalization options? Users would have the opportunity to develop a custom view and manage tasks and the company could ensure empowerment and accountability across the enterprise.

If your company is considering a BI solution, think about data sources, user skills, and mobility. A solution with a business dashboard and an integrated view of information from other systems and sources will simplify analysis, improve performance, decrease time to market, analyze and forecast data for future products and services, enable ‘what if’ analysis and, ultimately, achieve a competitive advantage in the market.

I’ll make this simple! Start here for a Business Intelligence solution or just send an email to sales@elegantjbi.com.

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