Mobile BI: Stay On Track On the Road

My business doesn’t stop when I’m out of the office. If I want to make my boss happy, I have to be able to respond quickly and accurately to every question and issue, so I need complete access to business information no matter where I am! Mobile access to business intelligence can mean the difference between a strong market position and lost revenue.

I want our business to remain competitive, acquire and retain customers; find and train the best resources; and effectively manage production, finances, products and services, and customer relationships. In order to accomplish all of that, our users need access to intuitive BI solutions on mobile devices and tablet devices, including iPad and iPhone and Android Smart Phones and tablets. My team can use a Smart Phone or tablet to access BI and CPM modules including personalized, intuitive dashboards, exception alerts, KPI monitoring, analytics, graphical mining and reporting.

With our mobile BI solutions and mobile BI architecture we take full advantage of BI features and functionality, and leverage familiar, user-friendly mobile devices to stay up-to-date and respond to rapid business changes using an intuitive user interface to drill down and drill through data, analyze root cause on the fly, share information and receive personalized alerts – all at the touch of a fingertip!

You don’t have to sacrifice features or functionality to get BI data on your Smart Phone or tablet. You can access to the same, responsive, user-friendly, powerful BI and CPM tools you use in the office so you can get the job done, anywhere, at any time.

Here’s my secret for mobile BI. Want to know more! Drop an email to

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