With Cross-Tab OLAP Analytics, I’m (Almost) the Queen of the World!

Last year I attended a business conference. You know the kind – they are designed to show you new ways to manage your business and to remind you that there are always new opportunities for success and business growth. One of the speakers regaled us with tales of how business intelligence OLAP analysis could help us effectively and objectively manage and measure our success. I was intrigued.

I contacted my IT consultant and today I have BI with Cross-tab OLAP analytics! It offers a 360° view of the business to provide objective metrics and helps me quickly determine whether my organization, department, or team is achieving its goals. Integration with data extraction, cube management features, and ad-hoc queries and BI reporting helps me achieve a clear view of performance.

Everybody needs an analytical tool that can produce summary, detail, graphics, charts, and reports with ease. You can have complex OLAP functionality in a simple user interface that is integrated with enterprise systems and sources and provides precise, cross-tab or tabular reports without technical assistance.

Dynamic analysis design Interactive, easy-to-use analysis design wizard
Multiple page dimension filter Runtime retrieval parameter on loading OLAP analysis
Drill-up, drill-down and through Graphical view of analysis
User defined rows and columns Spot lighters with color
Data Value – Display Value Mapping Sorting and ranking of rows and columns
Group and ungroup rows and columns Value mapping for user friendly display of data
Access to central cube repository objects Cell notes and table notes with private or public option
Cell format with resizing and renaming Sharing and Publishing
Exports: PDF, CSV, XML, JPEG, XLS Publishing and Delivery agent

I got all of this and more with my new BI OLAP analysis tool. You can too! Contact the pros at sales@elegantjbi.com.

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