Decisions, Decisions! BI is the Answer!

As business people, we’re faced with decisions every day and they aren’t limited to what kind of latte to buy, what to have for lunch. I’m talking about the real strategic, operational and tactical decisions that drive business success. In today’s fast paced market, there is no room for error. But, how do you achieve true Business Intelligence and analyze information without employing an army of analysts and IT staff?

You have to stay abreast of business results and track budgeted vs. actual expenses but gathering, tracking and analyzing information can be burdensome. If this process is not simple, you will lose precious time recognizing issues and making appropriate changes. What if you could pull all of your critical info together in a dashboard and control your business like you control your car?

>  Easy-to-use, templates to create custom views
>  Simple, drag and drop, interactive building blocks
>  Easily customized, professional charts and objects
>  Link to other objects
>  Ranking of rows and columns
>  Drill down and roll-up up graphs
>  Time series filtering with absolute, relative range criteria
>  Quick filtering using hierarchical tree view
>  Brochure quality printing with page setting and printing options
>  Export to PDF, JPEG
>  Delivery, publishing and sharing
>  Schedule delivery of updates to selected users

This kind of intuitive elegance makes even the thorniest business decision easier than ordering your morning coffee! Monitor business results using a unified dashboard with a browser-based, mobile BI solution. Make decisions with complete confidence!

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