The Sad Tale of Jodi and Her Restrictive BI Solution

Last year, my friend, Jodi acquired a BI solution. Unfortunately, web access from outside the company walls was a sort of Rube Goldberg affair. You remember Rube! His cartoons depicted complex gadgets performing simple tasks in convoluted ways. BI access from outside your company network should not be fashioned after Rube!

When you implement BI and CPM solutions, you want seamless, simple information delivery information across and outside your organization, at an affordable cost with great interoperability, a proven zero footprint, 100% browser-based platform and the capacity to integrate enterprise data sources and systems into a single, unified view to support and enable confident business decisions!

Make it affordable, with swift ROI and low TCO and flexible implementation options for on-premises and hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation and you’ve got a great package! You’ll ensure timely, cost-effective implementation and hasten user adoption and positive business results.

>  Seamless, superior interoperability and compatibility with standard platforms and tools
>  Browser-based access to BI via handheld devices, smart phones and tablets
>  Simple system integration to leverage existing IT infrastructure and technologies
>  Superior scalability to accommodate growth and the changing business and infrastructure environment
>  Secure environment; compatible with user authentication directory systems
>  Browser-based accessibility from within and outside the walls of the organization
>  Minimum training requirements and user-friendly environment, for all business users
>  Complete, seamless capacity for international use

So, don’t be like my friend, Jodi. Contact the BI pros or email

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