A Balanced Scorecard Assures Your Team Will Win!

If you’re a baseball fan, you probably think a Balanced Scorecard is one that puts the best team on the field and combines great hitting with great pitching. If you’re an IT pro or tech geek, you know that a Balanced Scorecard is an important part of any Corporate Performance Management solution – one that will help your company to objectively assess, manage and improve its business, achieve a competitive edge, improve revenue and make accurate and timely decisions, and one that provides a unified, state-of-the-art business intelligence architecture that is integrated with ERP and other enterprise applications. .

To do this right, you won’t need a good BI Balanced Scorecard application you’ll need a GREAT one with intuitive snapshots of performance against goals – one that doesn’t force you to search through analytical reports, graphs and indicators to monitor KPIs. Perform trend analysis with line graphs over that display data over a sequential time period, and view current performance using dial gauges. Drill down and drill through data to find the root cause of a problem. Create and manage strategy maps to analyze and measure dependencies.

Find a solution with personalized dashboards to display and filter information in a way that is meaningful to every member of your team. Want robust analytical tools and automated alerts to keep your team apprised of performance and enable sensitivity and impact analysis and a browser-based, mobile BI and Balanced Scorecard solution that is easy and fast to implement and train?

Get all on balanced scorecard and more for your business at an affordable cost from an experienced BI partner. Do write to us for BI and CPM requirements to sales@elegantjbi.com.

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