Spread Your Data OR Pull it All Together? The Answer is Simple!

I think the term ‘spreadsheet’ is appropriate! Oh, there was a time when spreadsheets were considered cutting edge. They were the preferred and, sometimes, the ONLY way to analyze data. You could copy and paste or download data into a spreadsheet to sort information and make business decisions. But the fact is that nearly every spreadsheet lacks integrity, traceability, consistency, security, and compliance, and these factors erode business confidence in the data, analysis and results produced by the spreadsheet solution. ‘Spreadsheet’, indeed. Users spread the data around on the page and hope for the best!

Your business changes rapidly. If you are using a spread sheet, your team must spend hours and days creating and populating a spreadsheet or waiting for IT to create the critical report they need. Demand intuitive, rapid data analysis, clear presentation, objective metrics and time series comparisons is easily satisfied by a robust Business Intelligence solution.

Proven BI tools empower users with streamlined, filtered data, and up-to-date, concise information, integrated from numerous diverse systems and applications. Focused analysis is presented in a customized view to meet the needs of each user and the roles they play. Data is accessible and secure. Results are dependable and accurate. There is no danger of human error, incorrect formulae, incomplete data or unclear results.

In a globally competitive, fast-paced market, you need accurate, timely, concise information that is easy to analyze and understand and supports confident decisions so you can objectively monitor results and make course corrections.

If you tired of spreading data around the enterprise, and you’re ready to pull it all together, check out our Business Intelligence Tools or email to sales@elegantjbi.com.

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