BI and CPM. Low TCO, Fast ROI. Acronyms Have Never Looked So Good!

Call me old fashioned, but I remember a time when software developers assumed that the average user was not a technology geek. They designed programs that every member of your staff could use. OK, so everything wasn’t perfect back then, nor is it perfect today. But the average user still needs and wants easy-to-use, sophisticated tools.

If you want to add value and improve your competitive advantage with Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management, you need an affordable solution; one that your users can adopt immediately without a lot of training; something that is fast and easy to implement and integrate so you can leverage the value of the solution right away and achieve rapid ROI with low TCO.

While we are making a list, let’s say that we want our BI solution to have on premises or SaaS licensing, and cost effective maintenance and support. We want BI deployment in weeks, not months or years, and BI that requires very little training and can be implemented quickly across the whole company. It has to be simple and intuitive for every user so it will be adopted across the business without delay. We want to deploy fast with a zero footprint, browser-based interface that is accessible from anywhere.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is LOW and Return on Investment (ROI) is FAST! Need I say more? Get Business Intelligence today! Email to know more.

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