Affordable, Sophisticated BI & CPM Courtesy of My Brother’s Smarter Sister

My brother used to work for a behemoth, international company. Now he works for a small company that is growing fast – a SME! He’s looking for a BI solution that is affordable for a small budget, and will provide sophisticated features and functionality; one that is flexible enough to grow with the company. Fortunately, he has a smart sister!

Small and mid-sized businesses may be small by choice, aspire to grow, or be in the throes of rapid growth, but the challenges are the same as those faced by a large enterprise, with all the issues, problems, concerns and decisions and significantly tighter budgets and resource constraints. No matter your business size, you need the technology, tools and skills to compete. You need to control costs and make the right decisions without wasting precious time or disappointing customers.

Imagine this! Support strategic planning and goal-setting, track progress with objective metrics, improve accountability, and track improvement initiatives and performance gaps, with flexible, intuitive BI and CPM! It’s easy to use and your employees can view information in a way that is meaningful to them. This solution is flexible enough to satisfy current and future needs. It’s affordable, with flexible licensing models for on premises or SaaS hosted delivery. You can access it from anywhere, via browser. This solution is simple to install – in days or weeks, not months or years – so you will achieve ROI quickly.

If you’re working in a small or mid-sized, like my brother, you need a BI and CPM solution with low TCO and swift ROI! Do send your requirements to

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