Today’s BI Forecast: Clear Visibility

Have you noticed that meteorologists get the weather forecast wrong at least 50% of the time? In business, we do our own forecasting and, more times than not, we get it wrong. Businesses need forecasting and predictive analysis for demand and inventory planning, budgeting, sales quotas, marketing campaigns and procurement. You may be resigned to the fact that there is no better way to predict business results. But, there IS another way! Call the pros!

Last year, I found a Business Intelligence tool for effective predictive analysis! One without confusing algorithms and complex formulae that would make a rocket scientist cry. My BI forecasting tool is easy to use, so analysts, managers, employees and executives can create reports without having a meltdown! I use historical data to predict future trends. I can plot trends yearly, quarterly, monthly or weekly in aggregate and detailed form, using cross tabular and graphical analysis. We forecast at the strategic, tactical and operational level and create personalized, interactive dashboards so everyone has access to the same data. Data is secure and our users have access to only the most relevant, role-based information.

My forecasting solution has embedded algorithms and a guide to help me choose the most suitable forecasting algorithm for the situation. I can perform complex analysis without technical or statistical knowledge with models like simple linear regression, least square regression, double exponential smoothing and others.

If you want better forecasting results, contact the BI forecasting pros or email

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