The Wise Enterprise App Vendor Understands! BI Integration Motivates Sales!

You may have noticed that I like to share great business ideas with my friends! I recently attended a seminar on employee motivation, but that’s not where I’m going with this. At the seminar, I met a savvy business pro who said he was expanding his market reach by adding BI to his CRM product offering. I pointed out that it would take a mountain of money and a very long time to develop a BI product and if his team wasn’t expert in BI, his new product wouldn’t be competitive.

I needn’t have worried. He had done his homework! Instead of developing his own BI product, he found THE RIGHT BI suite; one designed and built on a comprehensive, innovative platform and suitable for diverse environments, so he can quickly integrate or bundle it with his CRM app. Just think of all the enterprise vendors who might benefit from this integration: ERP, HR, sales, contact systems, Content Management portals…the list goes on!

Bottom Line: Adding a world-class BI vendor product to enterprise software product offerings can help you acquire new clients and generate more revenue. With the RIGHT BI solution you can quickly implement and support the BI solution in customer locations and achieve a competitive advantage. Improve customer satisfaction, reduce TCO and increase ROI. Time to Market is lightening fast and integration is a snap!

Find the RIGHT BI solution partner for BI integration or email They don’t offer training on employee motivation, but adding BI to your enterprise software products WILL motivate your sales team!

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