BI Strategy Map: Transform the Long and Winding Road into the Road to Success!

The English language is strange! We interpret words based on what they SEEM to mean. Business Intelligence (BI) is NOT a business that can think, and a Balanced Scorecard doesn’t mean that two teams have a tied score!

In the world of BI and Balanced Scorecards, a Strategy Map is NOT a map of a country named ‘Strategy’, it is a map designed to help us monitor and achieve success. It provides a foundation to better focus tasks and ensures that no activity is misdirected. This focus can help executives adapt to changes in the market and help each department and division understand how tasks, goals and dependent activities can be improved to achieve success.

Use interactive strategy maps to indicate the relationship between key value drivers, define and manage strategy maps with input-output relationship and clearly Illustrate the cause-and-effect relationships of the components of the strategy.

Get the right BI solution and use Strategic Maps and Tactical Maps at every level of the organization. They are simple to create, easy to analyze, and they link strategy across departments and business units so you can see the cause-and-effect between objectives and clearly understand how one process affects other processes and business units.

Everyone understands how their assigned tasks contribute to corporate success and can manage issues that may require strategic or tactical adjustment.

Define goals and monitor progress toward results at strategic, tactical and operational levels. Transform subjective guess work into objective metrics and clarify and manage your BI strategy. Want to know what we can do for you, email us at

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