Analytical Hair-Pulling! BI for Even the Most Statistically Challenged User

Show me a spreadsheet with columns of numbers, or a report with pages of data, and ask me for a concise analysis and my eyes will cross. Analysis is an unfortunate necessity in business. Everyone in your company has to do some analysis, so let me give you a tip!

A great business intelligence (BI) system is the answer; one that can take the hair-pulling out of analysis and is easily customized to suit the average user.

With the right tools, users can easily leverage complex algorithms to accurately forecast and predict the future market, competition and buying behavior of customers without any help from analysts or IT programmers.

Every user can be a whiz at what if and sensitivity analysis, reviewing options and changing parameters to find the best option or solution without the risk and time involved in taking a chance in the market. What would happen if you added more resources? What if you lowered your prices?

Cross-tab OLAP analytics give users a 360° view of the business with objective metrics to understand whether the company, department, or team is achieving goals.

Step-by-step wizards allow users to create professional, graphical views in no time, without technical assistance!

Graphical BI OLAP makes it easy for users to find, filter and analyze data, and visualize information with eye-catching, displays, indicators, gauges, charts, and graphs.

Personalized dashboards pull it all together with a snapshot view of results on a browser-based dashboard!

Transform every user (even the most analytically challenged – like me) into an analytical genius! Want to employ an intuitive, browser-based, easy to use Business Intelligence solution, look no further and just email to

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