Explore Your Sensitive Side with What If and Impact and Sensitivity Analysis

My family, friends and colleagues might tell you that I am not the most sensitive person on the planet. I’m a no-nonsense girl who tells the truth, even when it’s painful. That’s why I can tell you business people that you NEED a Performance Management tool with Impact and Sensitivity Analysis features.

Your business is sensitive to competition and changes in customer buying behavior among other things. Why guess at success, when you can pinpoint the right price, prevent pricing changes from under achieving goals, and avoid over pricing items and creating a decrease in sales. Identify the right training at the right time without spending money than is necessary. That’s just the beginning! Understand the impact of one decision, process or activity on a department, division or goal! Make corrections with full insight into dependencies and the factors that will have the greatest impact.

Consider options and make decisions in a risk free environment. You can play ‘what if’ to your heart’s content and perform sophisticated impact and sensitivity analysis. You’ll look like a pro and impress even the most demanding manager. Use multi-variate, non-linear analytical formulae and techniques to make decisions. It’s impressive…it’s possible…and you don’t need a degree in statistical analysis to get it done!

Focus on the right things at the right time with complete confidence in your pricing, product, sales, resource and business decisions.

Get sensitive NOW! Have any questions regarding ‘what if sensitivity analysis’ or ‘impact and sensitivity analysis’, send an email to sales@elegantjbi.com.

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