Forget Those Ugly Holiday Sweaters! Give Yourself the Gift of Simple, Sophisticated BI

I didn’t get the present I wanted for the holidays or for my last birthday? I got gift cards to stores I don’t like and ugly sweaters! YUCK! What I REALLY needed was a better way to manage my business. I didn’t know whether my goals were achievable or if I was making any headway in the market. I didn’t know if my team was doing what I wanted them to do and whether these activities were going to help us grow! No one took the hint when I added Business Intelligence (BI) software to my gift wish list, so I took matters into my own hands and began my search for a simple-to-use BI with sophisticated features.

I found a BI suite with browser-based architecture, and simple integration of enterprise applications and other data sources. It gives me scalable access on the road and in the office. It was easy to implement and flexible, with lots of features and sophisticated functionality like OLAP, graphs, charts, key performance indicators, balanced scorecards, personalized dashboards and more! It’s got simple, drag and drop, interactive building blocks, quick views and analysis, easy customization, professional charts and objects, lots of formats and templates, delivery, publishing and sharing among users, quick filtering and drill through views.

At last! A Business Intelligence solution that is simple to use with intuitive tools. I didn’t need a ton of consulting, it’s easy to deploy, and even users who are not tech savvy can get on board. It’s affordable and there are on-site and hosted licensing options! What’s not to like?

If you need a rich, intuitive data environment, and great Business Intelligence features, visit our portal or email

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