I WANT MY OWN BI! How About Your Own Business Intelligence Dashboard!

I’m special! Your job isn’t like mine! I’m not interested in YOUR data! So say the employees and users in your company. But in the midst of all of this personal power, YOU must integrate and report on every job function, department and division. If you want to get the full picture of results and plan appropriately for success, you have to summarize information from disparate sources AND analyze and make decisions.

But, what about those pesky users? They DO contribute to the bottom line. Or at least they should. You can give them access to BI but if you ONLY give them access and the data is not meaningful to them or interactive and current, you will not solve your problems. Present information in the same old way, and they will produce the same old results!

Every user needs access to up-to-date, relevant data! If this data is to improve productivity and increase the effectiveness of business decisions and process changes, it must be presented in a way that is meaningful to users. What if your BI solution had a dashboard that allows users, managers and executives to create and use personalized dashboards and present data in summary and detail form with immediate, dependable results.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a customized snapshot of daily operations at the tactical, operational or strategic level? Identify problems and the source of problems, obtain valuable, up-to-date information about financial results, sales and other information – all in one place?

BI Dashboards provide a unified view of key performance metrics, graphical analysis and reports in an interactive environment. You can adapt quickly to the changing market with confidence in every decision.

Users can operate in a self-serve environment, with minimal training and access the right information, and automate alerts to meet their needs without waiting for a programmer.

If you want a robust BI solution with dashboards that satisfies company and individual user needs, email to sales@elegantjbi.com.

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