Standalone BI is About as Useful as Rock without Roll – Integration is the Key to Power BI!

This is the age of information. But, without GREAT info you are guessing at strategy. It is REALLY IMPORTANT that everyone have the information they need to accurately and effectively perform.

Business and technology run at light speed. You hire and train resources with the right knowledge to do the job. You organize and execute work using optimized processes and collaborative efforts. You need to get everyone working toward the same goals. If you are anything like me, you EXPECT your users and employees to understand the strategy and manage their work to achieve objectives.

What gets in the way of true BI?

There is never enough time to sort through spreadsheets, presentations, reports and enterprise system or data bases to find the data needed to make the best decision.

Not every user has access to the information they need to manage their work.

Even if users have access, the info is out of date.

Out of the box solutions and silo enterprise applications are NOT the answer. You can take the time and resources to enter data into multiple systems but you will never see the complete picture and the information is likely to be out of date.

Don’t despair! The answer is BI Integration. Integrate BI with ERP, CRM, production and manufacturing, sales, customer, training and learning systems and more! An intuitive web front-end allows ANY user to personalize views and get up-to-the-minute information. Manage, find, sort, filter and use data with comprehensive, integrated capabilities for query, BI reporting and analysis. Maximize performance through Balanced Scorecards, interactive dashboards, OLAP analysis, graphs, reports, exception alerts and other tools.

This isn’t a pipe dream! Find out more on BI integration with enterprise applications right here or send us a mail

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