Then, I’ll Do it Myself…The Little Red Hen Revisited…Buy vs. Build BI

The Buy vs. Build argument is as old as the software industry! It’s no surprise that we hear the same argument when it comes to Business Intelligence. Let’s cut to the chase! The build argument can come from several sources within the company. The in-house IT team is responsible for building and maintaining legacy or custom solutions within the enterprise. They do their best to respond to new IT requirements and will sometimes present a build option for consideration. The build argument may originate in the departments currently doing analysis, or reporting. They may say, ”No outside solution can satisfy my requirements”. Industry colleagues may tell war stories resulting from poor planning or requirements analysis, or an inappropriate vendor solution.

The BI BUY option may come from the IT team who lacks the resources, skills or time to build a BI solution. Finance pros will look at investment, resource and time to build the solution. That investment will set off a CODE RED! Those who use spreadsheets or packaged reporting tools, or perform forecasting, predictive analysis and data gathering understand the complex features and considerations required in the BI tool.

SO, now, the BI Buy argument: Investment in development, testing, upgrade and support is made by a vendor, NOT YOU. In-house IT can focus on critical tasks that more closely fit their skills. You focus on core market competencies and let the vendor do the work! Analysts and others can produce accurate, timely results. ROI is swift. BI vendors provide skilled, experienced analysis and recommendations. Enterprise integration is easy. BI data that is complete and accurate. You reduce risk by using a proven BI product

It’s a no-brainer! If you need to find a vendor to satisfy YOUR needs and a robust BI solution you can trust, provide your requirements to

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