Need to know Who, What, Where and Why? Ditch the Old Reports and Add Some BI to Your Life!

I can’t take it anymore! I am tired of mountains of reports (none of which make any sense), incorrect, out-of-date info, missing data, and incompetent reporting software and ERP and legacy systems that crank out numbers, words and graphs without meaning! I WANT BIZINTEL! Business Intelligence (BI) is the dream after all, isn’t it? Simple, clear, concise with up-to-date info and stunning graphics that even a dummy, like me, can understand!

Oh, I’ll admit it! I used to be a fan of spreadsheets and I even bought a reporting software package. But, you have to be a programmer or analyst to use these reporting methods. I am neither…and my employees don’t get it either!

BI goes beyond spreadsheets and report writers. I can get an intuitive, unified view of integrated data from lots of sources and systems. Furthermore, every one of my staff can view data that is meaningful to their role and analyze data with simple drill down, drill through, and slice and dice analytics.

No waiting for spreadsheets that contain outdated info based on error-ridden formulae and limited filtering, ranking, consistency and traceability! No report writers that require a doctorate degree to use and offer limited, difficult customization and usability. I’m sick of waiting for someone to find the time to produce a report or retrieve data from desk drawers and stacks of paper. I can’t afford programmers or analysts. I need the answers NOW – in a form I can understand.

I NEED Business Intelligence! If YOU need it too, email to

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