BI Consulting: Just the Software, Folks, OR Just the Smartest Way to Get to BI?

I’m buying the Business Intelligence software. What else do I need to do? If the NAME of the software is Business Intelligence, then all I NEED is the software to get smart, right? Not so fast, Betsy! I want to get the most out of the BI solution. I want to use every inch, every iota of smarts it can offer to improve my business results, catch up to my competition and get my team involve. AND, what if my team thinks the BI software is way out of their league and isn’t comfortable using it? What if I want to tie all my legacy systems, best-of-breed software and assorted info buckets together so I can REALLY use all my information to get a picture of sales, finance, production, branches, teams, products and COMPETITION!

Wait a minute, can I do all of that? Well, I’d better be able to get it done or I won’t be able to take advantage of the BI solution no matter how great it is! I’ll waste my money and time and I probably won’t get the employee-of-the-month award!

I feel overwhelmed! I wanted this to be easy… USEFUL…INTELLIGENT! I want easy reports, easy access and lots of security to protect my stuff! So, maybe I’m not ready to tackle this project on my own. BI consulting IS the smartest way to go. I got that!

If you want to get it too, and looking for BI Consulting, email to

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