Business Intelligence for Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer

India based Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer simplifies analytics and provides accessibility of crucial data to large number of users through ElegantJ BI

A leading pharmaceuticals manufacturing company in India selected ElegantJ BI to consolidate data and support business intelligence integration and analysis for large number of users, with accurate, timely reporting, across all functional areas. The client wished to build a powerful Business Intelligence (BI) solution built on industry-standard architecture that can connect to their In-house ERP. The client expected a browser-based BI system that could be accessed from any location to answer all business and time-critical questions and also help them consolidate data across different divisions and product lines.

ElegantJ BI team developed a proof of concept, to satisfy client‘s functional and technical needs. Client‘s IT team decided to do the implementation on their own under the guidance of ElegantJ BI team client to integrate BI with Oracle based in-house ERP to meet all the needs of users across the organization. BI roll out started with Finance, Inventory, Sales and Budget monitoring. The ElegantJ BI team delivered workshop on BI concepts, best practices, and system administration as well as end user training for power users. The client IT team performed most of the implementation tasks leveraging the advantage of self-serve user interface.

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