BI for Banking, Financial services & Insurance (BFSI)

ElegantJ BI Helps India-Based Financial Services and Stock brokerage Firm Achieve BI Coverage

This financial services and stock brokerage firm processes more than 700,000 daily transactions in more than 500 locations across India and serves well over a million customers. The company was using a combination of BI tools, spreadsheets and MIS solutions, but the reporting process, data consolidation, data security and programmer, and analyst, dependencies was cumbersome and time consuming. The TCO for these solutions was very high and made it difficult to justify rolling out the BI solutions to a large number of users across organization.

The ElegantJ BI team consolidated data from disparate sources including the trading system and CRM, and migrated and automated the distribution of spreadsheet reports into a self-serve BI dashboard, eliminating data duplication and creating a scalable platform independent solution for BI and data warehousing. The new solution is mobile and suitable for all users and devices. With ElegantJ BI, the business rolled out BI tools to business users with complete data security and integrity. Users and MIS staff can now focus on core competencies and achieve desired business results, rather than struggling with day-to-day reporting, spreadsheets and report distribution.

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