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Business Intelligence Tool vs. Reporting Tool

If your organisation is still using spreadsheets or report writers for data gathering and analysis, you may find it difficult to answer critical business questions. Consider the following questions:

  • How do we advance the brand into the top 10 ?
  • How can we reduce overhead?
  • What percentage of turnover is generated through new clients gained in the same financial year over the last three years?
  • How can we reduce churn in our client base?
  • How can we reduce delays in the supply chain?
  • How effective is our TV advertising campaign?
  • What are the prospective sales of the product in the new markets?
  • How well are our customer services teams handling the periodic increases in support requests?
  • How can I monitor progress of the market expansion to make appropriate corrections as our plan progresses?

If you are faced with these or other critical business questions, you owe it to yourself and to your organisation to consider the ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence Tool. True business intelligence goes beyond enterprise reporting and simple graphs and charts, to provide an intuitive, unified view of integrated data from numerous sources and systems. It enables every business user, executive, and manager to create a custom dashboard view of data and automated alerts that are meaningful to their role and will ensure that they are aware of critical business issues as they arise. Users can analyse data with complete drill down, drill through, and slice and dice analytics that simplify the view and use of business intelligence. We encourage you to explore the information provided on this page and in this section of our site: Why You Need Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence or Reporting Tool

Report Writers as an Intelligence Solution

Report writers and classic Reporting Tool may seem like the ideal solution. Initially, the solution may seem to carry a low cost, and because it provides numerous templates and a solid reporting environment, it seems to answer the challenges faced by organisations using spreadsheets or custom reporting environs created by the IT team. However, even the best report writer or Reporting Tool is designed to be used by a report analyst or an IT professional or consultant.

When standard templates fail to meet the needs of the ever-changing organisation and user needs, the user is forced to wait for IT to design new reports, test the new format and ultimately produce information from an already overburdened system infrastructure. Creating these reports may further slow the system environment for other users making routine queries or using the data within the enterprise systems. The resulting reports are inflexible and fail to meet the needs of a dynamic, interactive environment where users must constantly change the way they want to see and analyse data. Ad-hoc report requests take days, and even weeks, to produce, and result in static, out-of-date information that is of little help to the executive, manager or team member looking for current information that is intuitive and easy to understand and present, or share with others.

Report writers and Reporting Tool can only produce simple reports, and are designed to satisfy the need to display data – not to analyse or interpret data. Therefore, the organisation will find it difficult, if not impossible, to derive true business intelligence from the resulting information and data contained within the standard or ad-hoc report.

The True Value of Business Intelligence

Explore the opportunities of the ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence Tool and create a strong foundation for business success. BI can help your organisation and end-users to analyse customers, pricing, products, competitors, sales results, divisions, business units, regions, teams and individual performance. With powerful features like graphical OLAP, graphs, charts, gauges, automated alerts, dashboards, slice and dice, drill up, drill through and simplified reporting views and analytics, your end-users can create their own reporting and analytical environment. Users can leverage that environment to monitor and analyse results, cascade strategy and goals, create key performance indicators (KPIs) and objective metrics and maintain and encourage accountability and consistency across the enterprise – all without the help of IT programmers or experts.

No matter the size, budget or schedule constraints of the organisation, ElegantJ BI can satisfy the need. With affordable, practical, simple reporting tool and analytics, every business user can adopt and use BI swiftly and with minimal training. We offer on-premises and Software as a Service (Saas) hosted implementation options to ensure that your BI deployment is quick, easy and cost-effective. Experience true Corporate Performance Management (CPM) using true Business Intelligence Tool that is accessible in the office and on the road!

Learn how you can overcome the obstacles of traditional data analysis and reporting with ElegantJ BI: Traditional Approach and the Modern BI Approach and realize the benefits of BI over report writers and spreadsheets.

Read a BI success story and find out how Mr. Smith made the successful transition from traditional, ineffective reporting and analysis techniques to performance analysis and performance management.

To find out how Business Intelligence Tool can make a difference in your business results, read our white paper, Reporting Tools vs. Business Intelligence.

If you need a proven, secured, intuitive, browser-based Business Intelligence Tool that is easy-to-use, and will provide your team with powerful business intelligence features, we encourage you to contact us today to discuss your unique requirements and get started with the ElegantJ BI solution suite. Email us at sales@ElegantJBI.com

Business Intelligence Video

YoY Sales Analysis

Business Intelligence Video - YoY Sales Analysis

Browse through our online video library to learn more about ElegantJ BI solutions. You will find valuable information about BI and how it can help you to be more productive and efficient, and the various ways in which our solutions can help you to achieve true BI. Explore the powerful world of Business Intelligence and find out how we can help you achieve your vision and stay on target to business success!

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