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Mr. Smith’s Success Story with Business Intelligence Tool

If you are considering the ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence suite of solutions to satisfy your corporate performance and business intelligence needs, you are on the right track! Our solutions can improve the day-to-day, long-term, strategic, operational and tactical performance of your organisation. Our suite of modules is simple, practical and affordable to implement and requires minimal training. We can implement the solution on premises or via hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Either way, you are ensured an elegant, intuitive solution that is suitable for every business user and every enterprise, no matter the size or industry focus.

The BI success story presented here will help you to understand the benefits of business intelligence tool and how ElegantJ BI solutions can make your organisation more productive, and make your business decisions more effective and accurate.

Business Intelligence Tool - Dashboards

Mr. Smith Has a Problem

Business Intelligence Success Story

Consider the issues faced by Mr. Smith, Sales Manager of Smart Feast, and find out how he used the ElegantJ BI solution to turn a corporate performance data nightmare into a dream come true!

Mr. Smith is a Sales Manager for Smart Feast, a packaged food company.

Business Intelligence Success Story

Every week, Mr. Smith must submit weekly a Sales Analysis report to the Sales Director, Ms. Barnes. This report is comprised of a summary of the sales performance for the previous week with various time series parameters across product lines and sales channels. The document must include pre-defined corporate key performance indicators (KPIs) for the sales process.

This is an important report; and one that requires accurate, concise data, created in a short time frame. Since it must be up-to-date, Mr. Smith cannot create the report too early in the week. But, if he waits until the end of the week to produce the report, he often finds himself

running short of time and sometimes cannot finish the compilation and presentation of the data by the end of the business day!

In order to create the report, Mr. Smith must combine data from several data sources and from every sales team across multiple geographic locations. He must also ensure the data coming from the field is accurate, and that is received on time and is submitted in a suitable format. Once he has received and verified the data, he works with one of the team members from the IT staff, to create a spreadsheet and prepare the report and presentation. As you might imagine, this process is complex and stressful.

What Mr. Smith needs is a Business Intelligence Tool that can provide relevant information in a clear, visual format, using integrated, up-to-date, personalized information in a secure technology environment. Ideally, this solution should be browser-based so that Mr. Smith can access information and develop the report when he is on the road. He also wants to decrease his dependence on the IT team, as they are often working on critical technical issues and cannot assist him when he needs to produce the report.

Business as Usual

Before Mr. Smith discovered ElegantJ BI, his life was not a happy one! He spent precious time each week, reconciling spreadsheets and performing manual data analysis to create his report, often putting aside critical business issues in order to get the information to Ms. Barnes on a timely basis.

Business Intelligence Success Story

“Data Analysis is time consuming and frustrating”

To create his weekly report, Mr. Smith faces a number of issues:

  • Data is in different formats (Excel, CSV, data base extraction and application exports)
  • Data is delayed, and he to chase team leaders and colleagues to get the latest data
  • Once he gets the data, he has limited time to validate the quality and accuracy of the data
  • He Is dependent on IT resources to consolidate all the required data into one report
  • He must manually creation graphs, tables and cross tabs to illustrate results
  • He is often unable to answer detailed questions about the data presented in the report

As you might imagine, this scenario is a recipe for disaster. Mr. Smith is overwhelmed and stressed by the weekly experience, and because he is never sure if he has the right data or if they are missing crucial information, the enterprise might be making ineffective, inappropriate decisions!

Business Intelligence Success Story

“I am always running out of time, and I know I am missing important data”

Mr. Smith isn’t sleeping well, and he is spending more and more time at the office, staying late at night to try to stay abreast of critical issues and produce important reports and presentations. His family and friends see little of him and he sees no light at the end of the tunnel!

A Possible Solution

When the Smart Feast IT Department announces they are planning to purchase the latest BI software tools, Mr. Smith believes his situation may improve. The IT Manager says that this system will generate reports quickly.

Initially, Mr. Smith is delighted with the news. Then he is told that the implementation process will take over a year to complete. He cannot wait a year to improve the reporting process. His sales results are already falling short of the projected plan numbers and Ms. Barnes is not happy. Every week, she asks him for more information and he is already overwhelmed with the reports he has to produce. While Mr. Smith mulls over his problem, he learns that Smart Feast has decided not to purchase the business intelligence system because of the expense and the lengthy implementation cycle.

Business Intelligence Success Story

“No relief in sight”

The Consequences of Poor Business Intelligence

At the end of the month, Mr. Smith must present the monthly sales figures during the regular regional sales meeting with Ms. Barnes. He spends the better part of a week following up with the sales team to get the information he needs and gathering this information into a compiled report, again using the assistance of the IT team. Because one team leader is out of the office, Mr. Smith is unable to obtain current sales figures for that region. He is forced to project these figures based on old data.

Then he creates his graphs and charts for the presentation. He is troubled by the numbers! Sales results are radically different this month. He calls the team leader for this region and they discuss the issue but the team leader cannot provide a clear reason for the sales results.

On the day of the presentation, Mr. Smith makes his presentation to Ms. Barnes but he is unable to provide an accurate, current Sales Performance Analysis Report because he is working with out of date information and in many cases, with information he cannot ultimately verify. Ms. Barnes is unhappy with the graphs Mr. Smith presented because they do not clearly illustrate the results in a way that is meaningful to her. When she asks about the failing sales results, Mr. Smith has no answer to explain why this sales team is not meeting its plan obligations.

Ms. Barnes: “Every month we go through the same thing. Why can’t you give me accurate information? I can’t show this data to management! They don’t have the time to look through all of these spreadsheets and charts. I need clear information and I need to know why we are falling short of plan…and I need to know NOW!”

Business Intelligence Success Story

“How can I explain this to the executive team?”

Mr Smith: “I understand, Ms. Barnes. I will have the information for you by tomorrow.”

Critical decisions are delayed for another day as Ms. Barnes attempts to postpone her meeting with the executive team. The cycle continues for another week, and another month, and both Mr. Smith and Ms. Barnes are under increasing pressure to improve performance and to explain sales results.

The ElegantJ BI Solution

The Smart Feast IT Manager announces the implementation of the browser-based, ElegantJ BI business intelligence tool. The implementation will use a hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This implementation will take only a few days and Mr. Smith and the other business users will be up and running with intuitive business intelligence views. Mr. Smith can design his own dashboards and views and use the solution in the office and while he is on the road. He is cautiously optimistic. He has been down this road before with the previous BI announcement and he wants to be sure that ElegantJ BI can satisfy his requirements.

Once Mr. Smith uses the ElegantJ BI solution for the first time, he can see that it is easy to use. He knows his sales team will have no problem using the solution to produce reports for his review. That will make his life much easier. ElegantJ BI will handle his data analysis issues. He can create his own dashboard to display information in a way that is relevant to his role and responsibilities and he can create business alerts to be delivered on an automated schedule to his email. These alerts will inform him when key performance indicators (KPIs) are under or over a certain threshold and when certain metrics are achieved or in peril. He can drill down, drill up and drill through data to better understand the results and to determine the root cause of a problem – like the failing sales numbers he must explain to Ms. Barnes.

The solution is affordable simple and practical and provides appropriate security to ensure that his team sees the information they need without having access to proprietary or confidential information that is outside the scope of their role. He can cascade critical business strategy to his team members and create objective metrics and measurements to accurately manage his sales team and engender accountability and a better understanding of enterprise strategy, goals and objectives.

Business Intelligence Success Story

“Wow! ElegantJ BI is unbelievably easy to use and it is fast and accurate”

Mr. Smith can leverage information from sales and contact systems and from other enterprise data sources to create a complete, thorough picture of sales, targets, customers, and even trends and patterns by demographic, region and other factors. He can slice and dice, filter and sort information quickly and easily within and analyse the data. He can also create regular and custom reports on-the-fly, anytime, anywhere, as requested by Ms. Barnes and the executive team using the browser-based interface. He does not need the assistance of the IT team! ElegantJ BI is provides analytics, graphs and dashboards and presented the most current, verified data for analysis in both graphical and tabular forms.

The Happy Ending

Mr. Smith can now produce the weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual report and every ad-hoc report in between within minutes, using the latest data and he can focus his attention on critical business issues and resolve issues before they become major problems. He can plan and forecast with ease and answer any strategic, operational or tactical question without spending hours, days or weeks in the effort.

Mr. Smith can focus his time on analysing sales information and making decisions to support the growth of the enterprise and its ongoing business success. He can review performance and develop strategies instead of drowning in information and spending endless hours creating graphs and producing reports for Ms. Barnes. His personal performance is improving, and he can make a positive impact and get more work done without spending as many hours at the office. He is less stressed, and he is making a difference in his organisation – using true business intelligence.

Business Intelligence Success Story

“What a relief! I can do a great job and I know my decisions are correct!”

Mr. Smith is a power user now! With ElegantJ BI is prepared with analytics and performance matrices, and he can answer any query in no time! He can share his analysis with his manager and with his team and they can perform their own analytics using slice and dice, drill down, and drill through for more productive discussions, and effective decisions! Now, the team is performing better and they can make course corrections faster, so Mr. Smith does not have to step in and take action as often. The team is truly working as a collaborative unit and the Smart Feast competitive position is improving. Sales are improved and forecasts are more accurate, so the plan numbers are more dependable!

Business Intelligence Success Story

“Things couldn’t be better! My team is really a TEAM now and we know how to solve problems”

Mr. Smith is able to produce his monthly report for Ms. Barnes and even make changes in the conference room to display the information in a different format using interactive tools that ensure Ms. Barnes and the executive team can clearly see the impact of a strategy or goal and assess sales by team member, team, product line, region and other factors. They are able to discuss and review the data, analyse and drill down to the detail to discover the root cause of any issues. No more embarrassing mistakes, omissions, or excuses!

Business Intelligence Success Story

“Great job, Mr. Smith. Sales are really improving, and we know how to keep it that way!”

Business Intelligence Success Story

“Thank you ElegantJ BI!”

Ms. Barnes: “I would like to see the sales reports every morning in my inbox”

Business Intelligence Success Story

Mr Smith: “Of course, consider it done”

Mr. Smith configures the Delivery and Publishing scheduler to generate a PDF of the report and send it via email to Ms. Barnes every morning at 7:00 a.m. There is no need for him to monitor or manually send reports. He can go on with his day, knowing Ms. Barnes will have the information she needs.

In fact, Ms. Barnes is so impressed with the results, that she decides to create her own dashboard and alerts and finds it easier to manage and report her own results to her executive team.

Mr. Smith is a happy, satisfied ElegantJ BI user who has earned his reputation and success as a valuable member of the Smart Feast team and one who truly understands business intelligence.

Business Intelligence Success Story

“I got the promotion!!!!!!”

If you would like to find out how our Business Intelligence Tool, ElegantJ BI can help you to write your own success story, we encourage you to contact us today to discuss your requirements and achieve your own happy ending!

Explore the Traditional Approach vs. Cutting Edge BI Approach to data analytics and reporting, and realize the benefits of true Business Intelligence.

If you need an affordable, simple, practical BI environment, coupled with robust BI and CPM features, we encourage you to contact us today to get started with the ElegantJ BI solution suite. sales@ElegantJBI.com

If you need a rich, intuitive, easy-to-use, personalised environment, coupled with robust BI and CPM features, we encourage you to contact us today to discuss your unique requirements and get started with the ElegantJ BI solution suite. Email us at sales@ElegantJBI.com

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