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Business Intelligence Tool - Advantages

You can add value to your enterprise with Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions from ElegantJ BI. Ensure a more consistent, integrated BI environment no matter how large or small your business; no matter the budget or schedule you must accommodate. Our Business Intelligence Tool is compatible with popular Smart Phones and tablet devices and they are simple, practical and affordable and provide robust analytics and features, with all the rich functionality of OLAP and forecasting algorithms in user-friendly, intuitive, browser-based environment that is customizable to every user to provide meaningful views and simple analytics, dashboards, graphs, charts, sorting, ranking and filtering.

Business Intelligence Tool enhances enterprise productivity and customer satisfaction, and can help your organisation to move forward and adapt to market, customer and competitive changes with the click of a mouse! If you need to establish objective metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitor and assess your results against plan and strategy, Business Intelligence Tool can help you achieve these goals and more!

Business Intelligence Tool - Dashboards

Manage, Measure and Control Costs, Finances, Resources, Customers, Sales, Products, Processes and More!

With ElegantJ BI business intelligence (BI) and corporate performance management (CPM) software you can quickly and easily deploy a BI solution to your entire enterprise. Our Business Intelligence Tool is browser-based and accessible from inside and outside the walls of the organisation and it is secured, and ensures that your end-users will see only the data they need to fulfill their role.

Our comprehensive set of features results in a single view of data, integrated from various enterprise sources, and it is an affordable Business Intelligence Tool with proven, scalable, business intelligence architecture to meet the demands of a mobile work force and the reality of increasing data volume, growing businesses and disparate enterprise applications, users and user needs. ElegantJ BI high performance business intelligence analysis, enterprise reporting, automated alerts, intuitive, personalised dashboards, balanced scorecards, slice and dice, drill down and forecasting and predictive analysis features provide a strong foundation for data analytics in your organisation – and you can achieve all of this in a self-serve environment, without the assistance of IT resources, consultants or programmers.

Business Intelligence Tool – Advantages

Business Intelligence Tool - ElegantJ BI Offers Advantages for Every Organisation

Simple, Practical and Affordable

  • Suitable for CEO, CXO, line managers and every end-user in the enterprise
  • Provides swift BI deployment in a matter of weeks – not months or years!
  • Accessible on Smart Phones, tablets and all popular mobile devices
  • Offers on-premises and hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation options to meet every need
  • Requires very little training to implement across the organisation – simple, intuitive design for every user
  • Ensures a short implementation cycle in weeks – not months or years – and minimum training
  • Rapid deployment using a zero footprint, browser-based interface that is accessible from anywhere – no need for desktop installation, Ensures user adoption with simple, powerful tools your team will want to use
  • Provides a single source, unified view of Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) features with powerful, easy-to-use functionality and an intuitive reporting and analytical environment
  • Offers low total cost of ownership (TCO) and improves return on investment (ROI)
  • Delivers actionable information to the enterprise with business intelligence for specific lines of business, divisions, regions, teams and individuals for true corporate performance management
  • Offers comprehensive, complex functionality in a simple, unified Business Intelligence Tool with the ability to integrate data from enterprise systems and other data sources
  • Achieves immediate market and client visibility including customer attrition and critical business success parameters and metrics
  • Ensures timely, up-to-date enterprise reporting with the dynamic analytical capability that is critical to achieve timely market correction and to adapt to rapid changes
  • Enables smart decisions through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics rather than guess work
  • Establishes a self-service environment to deliver analysis and business reports with automated alerts and scheduled delivery of critical business information
  • Provides powerful analytics, slice and dice, ranking, sorting, filtering, dashboards, scorecards, automated alerts, forecasting, predictive analysis, exception reporting, graphs, charts, gauges and other unique and valuable tools to satisfy every user need

Superior Technology and Interoperability

  • Provides a fully functional business intelligence application for all users, over the intranet or internet
  • Offers ready to use tools with no programming or technical support or effort
  • Provides superior interoperability and the foundation for integration of information with enterprise systems, data bases and other applications and data sources
  • Offers centralised administration for user and data management, system administration and monitoring – all through a browser-based interface
  • Requires no client installation – zero footprint browser interface with superior interoperability
  • Provides a foundation for rapid deployment and implementation with minimal training, using a zero footprint, browser-based environment that ensures access from anywhere, at anytime
  • Provides a high performance business intelligence platform to accommodate growing user needs, increasing data volume and simultaneous user access
  • Offers a framework to support internalization and deployment in multiple languages

ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) features provide a comprehensive, single solution for your organisation to integrate data, establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and objective metrics, and monitor results for sales, financials, production, pricing, regions, customer demographics, service and support and other critical business factors. With insightful features, your end users can summarise and detail information in reports, presentations and graphical illustrations and drill down into results to determine the root cause of a failing business unit or declining sales. Business Intelligence Tool, ElegantJ BI provides immediate visibility into business performance and enables more informed decisions, thereby improving overall business results, and helping your organisation to achieve the competitive and market advantage you require.

If you need a rich, intuitive, easy-to-use, personalised environment, coupled with robust BI and CPM features, we encourage you to contact us today to discuss your unique requirements and get started with the ElegantJ BI solution suite. Email us at sales@ElegantJBI.com

The Power of ElegantJ BI is at Your Fingertips with BI for Mobile Devices

Mobile Business Intelligence Tool

The ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management suite is compatible with all popular Smart Phones and tablets including iPad and iPhone as well as Android Smart Phones and tablets. Your team members can use a Smart Phone or tablet to access the complete suite of Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management modules and leverage our powerful features, including personalized, intuitive dashboards, exception alerts, KPI Monitoring, Analytics, graphical mining and reporting.

Superior architecture – 100% browser based

Business Intelligence Tool - Architecture

Our 100% browser-based architecture with superior interoperability with other systems enables swift implementation, easy access and complete integration of data from disparate sources and ensures that your users will have access to concise, up-to-date information both within the office environs and while they are on the road or at another location.

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