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ElegantJ BI – BI Tool for TradingThe enterprise that competes in the trade and distribution industry must focus on governmental and regulatory compliance and provide open trade channels, free-flowing distribution and shipping processes and fast, accurate billing, shipping documentation and customer, partner and supplier communication. The enterprise may participate in global import and export activities; it may manage a business to business (B2B) marketing and sales effort, manage a dealer network or manage stock and inventory, distribution and other supply chain factors across continents or international boundaries. If the enterprise is to be successful, it must carefully manage competition and delicately balance profit margins with optimised products and services and processes.

If your business competes in the trade industry, you face the constant challenge of juggling expanding product portfolios, managing multifaceted supply chain with distinct service requirements and ensuring compliance with strict regulations and reporting requirements. Your users are reliant on accurate, timely market research, effective, targeted marketing campaigns and an efficient distribution network and sales force to execute the enterprise strategy and achieve targets and plans.

Today’s global competition adds a complex component to the trade market with increased consolidation and competition, new growth opportunities and sales channels, and the critical necessity for efficient supply chain and cost optimisation.

To compete in this environment, your team must establish and leverage a powerful combination of technology, business intelligence and results management and deliver quality and value with every shipment and for every customer.

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