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Business Intelligence Tool - Small Businesses

As a small business owner or manager you must constantly explore the opportunities for growth and optimisation. Whether your business is small and nimble by choice, or you are a small business with aspirations of growth, your business challenges are the same as the enterprise that is much bigger than your size. No matter the size of the organisation, no business manager wants to spend money needlessly and no business wants to operate in an environment of confusion. Many small businesses believe that their size ensures accurate and swift exchange of information and hence ensures that decisions are timely, effective and always made in a way that will help the business

succeed and grow. Yet, even in the smallest business environment your competition may include large enterprises. In order to compete and sustain business success, you must work with timely, accurate information, filtered for your needs. You don’t have time to shuffle through multiple reports and punch numbers into a calculator! The information produced by accounting systems, financial professionals, purchasing, sales, training and other functions can be difficult to interpret and filter.

There is no need to wonder if you are making the right choices to achieve a competitive advantage or improve your client satisfaction or change your supplier. Business Intelligence Tool and Corporate Performance Management solutions can help you to find, filter and understand business results, and you need not sacrifice or compromise because you are operating in a small business environment. Whether you employ five people or hundreds, there is a BI and CPM solution to suit your budget, and your business environment and needs. ElegantJ BI implementation options are flexible to your needs. You may wish to deploy our product on premises or choose the worry-free, hosted option with Software as a Service (Saas) and let us maintain and support the solution! Both options are affordable and practical for the small business enterprise.

Business Intelligence Tool

Improve Strategic Alignment and Instill Accountability in Every Function and Team Member

To succeed in today’s sophisticated, competitive market, every organisation must establish business alignment throughout the enterprise no matter the individual responsibility or function. It is imperative that each person understands how their day-to-day tasks impact the success of the company and how they can contribute to the bottom line. Each team member must clearly see the linkage between the company goals and the tasks they perform on a daily basis and, more importantly, must be able to clearly see the issues that arise and where results may fall short of expectations. If your end-users have access to a Business Intelligence Tool that is easy to use (even for the average business user) and can provide clarity and analytical capability, they will then become an active member of your management team – using the insight and information from the BI and CPM solution to measure, adapt and monitor results.

ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management Solutions

ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence Tool and Corporate Performance Management solutions are suitable for every company, no matter the size, the industry or the company focus. Our solutions are affordable, practical, flexible and simple to use and implement – in days or weeks, rather than months or years - so you will achieve an impressive return on investment (ROI) more quickly. You can access our solutions from anywhere within the organisation or offsite via browser, making it easy for your employees to get the information they need whether they are in the office or on the road. You can implement the solution on premises or offsite via a hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Our SaaS model takes the worry out of IT and enables the small business manager to focus on business rather than on technology. The Pay As You Go (PAYG) plan is flexible and cost-effective, even for the smallest enterprise.

Every user will have access to a simple, intuitive solution that can be personalised to present a view that is meaningful to them. In a business environment where team members play varied roles and have numerous responsibilities, the capacity to customise and personalise the use of the ElegantJ BI system is a critical component of user adoption and success. Your users can customise dashboards, alerts, balanced scorecards and analytical views to easily and quickly see the impact of processes and actions on strategic goals and initiatives. You can adapt and change to gain a competitive advantage, and better align every task. ElegantJ BI solutions are flexible enough to meet your needs, without expensive, extensive technical customization or frustrating delays. We don’t force you into a cookie cutter environment because we know your needs are unique and your market approach and use of information is comparable to no other organisation. Most importantly, our framework and technical architecture will serve your current needs and the flexibility to grow with your company and to serve your needs in the future.

Sample Case Study

“We need quick and cost-effective tools for understanding business statistics better.”
Ryan Simons, Age 31, Owner, Words Play

Ryan launched this Direct Marketing firm two years ago. The organisation consists of 11 employees and generates an annual revenue of $2.8 million dollars. Ryan is planning to double the business size over the next two years. Like many small business managers, Ryan plays multiple roles within his organisation. Because his need for information may vary, depending on the perspective he has and the decisions he must make in any given situation, he needs to see information in a flexible way.

In order to achieve his goals, Ryan must establish a uniform, dependable data and reporting system that can provide the flexibility and analytical capability to understand market demands, provide industry-specific performance indicators and metrics and offer a cost-effective solution that will enable maximum customer reach. The BI and CPM solution must also satisfy his needs now and in the future, as the company and team grows. Because his end-users have varied technical skills and daily tasks, he must provide a system that is simple and easy to adopt, and one that will provide the flexibility to enable every user to see and manipulate data in a way that is meaningful to them. Ryan needs a solution that will be flexible for his needs, regardless of the role he is playing at any given moment, and he needs a solution that will grow with the enterprise and be flexible to changing requirements.

Ryan selected the ElegantJ BI solution suite to satisfy the defined requirements. This solution provided simple, swift data integration and analytical capability and was easy and cost-effective to implement. It provided his team with an industry-specific view of the data and a clear picture of the impact of historical decisions and results. Dashboards, alerts, impact and sensitivity analysis, balanced scorecards and other features provided the flexibility and information required to measure and monitor results on an ongoing basis, and make changes to processes and assignments to keep the company on track for desired growth. Metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) clearly illustrate accountability and where changes must be made. Because Ryan wanted to limit the IT investment and leverage the support and maintenance capability of the service provider, he chose the Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation option. The ElegantJ BI team maintains and supports the solution in a hosted environment and Ryan can relax and focus on what is important to his business success. With the ElegantJ BI solution, Ryan can establish key alerts and delivery and publishing guidelines so he automatically receives the information he needs via email. He no longer has to log into separate enterprise systems, create reports or work with out-of-date information.

ElegantJ BI can Provide the Ideal Solution to Meet your Small Business Needs

For the small business owner, it is important to choose a BI and CPM solution that will suit even the smallest business environment, and even the least technically savvy members of your team! In other words, you need a solution that has all the flexibility and usability of a custom product, and all the same affordability and support of a packaged solution.

ElegantJ BI clients and partners successfully use our Business Intelligence Tool and Corporate Performance Management solutions to support and analyse the most tactical activity and processes and the most high-level, strategic decisions and direction. We offer the most practical, complete and proven platform and deliver the simplest, easy-to-use web-based analytics, and you can integrate enterprise applications to gather, present and analyse information from critical sources.

When you consider the available Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management solutions, you will quickly conclude that ElegantJ BI and CPM solutions are the most flexible, cutting edge solutions. Our products are designed to satisfy the need for current and future BI features and to enable the fastest, most effective implementation and product use for every size and type of organisation.

The ElegantJ BI Corporate Performance Management solution enables efficient management through insight and understanding of performance, optimization of resources, and alignment of business processes, teams and individuals. In short, it keeps you on target!

ElegantJ BI and CPM solutions:

  • Support strategic planning and goal-setting
  • Track progress toward goals using objective metrics and measurements
  • Improve employee accountability and team goals
  • Facilitate improvement Initiatives to address performance gaps
  • Satisfy the multiple roles played by a small business manager by providing flexible, intuitive features and views of information
  • Grow with the company, satisfying current and future needs with a flexible framework and architecture
  • Provide easy-to-use, intuitive tools and flexible, affordable licensing models – on premises or via Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted delivery.

Don’t choose a product or solution suite that requires you to work within the restrictive boundaries of inflexible reporting, complicated technical requirements or limited analytical capability or one that treats you as if you were a monolithic organisation with hundreds of locations or thousands of employees or an entire staff of functional and technical consultants. The cost, usability and support of your BI system is paramount to its adoption, use, and success within your organisation. When you select ElegantJ BI products, you ensure that your team can focus on more pressing issues, and that your implementation will be swift and simple.

Our implementation options are flexible! You may choose to implement the solution on premises or offsite via hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Your users will find the system to be intuitive and easy to use and you will achieve better return on investment (ROI) and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). You don’t have to be a huge enterprise with unlimited funds to afford the products and services we provide. No matter the complexities of your requirements or the limitations of budget or schedule, our ElegantJ BI solutions can suit your needs.

Learn more about the ElegantJ BI Advantage and how to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and satisfy your unique requirements without sacrifice or frustration.

Find out how Business Intelligence Tool, ElegantJ BI can help your company to grow and sustain your business. Your team can make better business decisions and truly understand your market position and your strengths and weaknesses so you can achieve continuous improvement and market success. Contact us via email, phone or fax. Contact us now

Superior architecture – 100% browser based

Business Intelligence Tool - Architecture

Our 100% browser-based architecture with superior interoperability with other systems enables swift implementation, easy access and complete integration of data from disparate sources and ensures that your users will have access to concise, up-to-date information both within the office environs and while they are on the road or at another location.


"We were looking for 100% browser based, feature rich, simple to use BI tool that has shorter learning curve and implementation cycle. We found that ElegantJ BI is the tool meeting our requirements, we are glad to have ElegantJ BI implemented in our organization with shorter implementation cycle, ease of use and faster ROI."

- Leading Infrastructure Development Company, Saudi Arabia

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