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Business Intelligence Tool for IT Professionals

As an Information Technology (IT) Manager or Technical Professional you know how difficult it is to stay abreast of the changes within your organisation and to accommodate end-users, executives and customers with rich, integrated solutions that will serve their needs. In many organisations, the team at large does not have a good understanding of the challenges faced by the Information Technology team. You must provide current, simple technology solutions and ensure that every user has access to the systems and information they need to collaborate and to perform day-to-day and strategic tasks.

Added to this burden is the frequently frustrating task of producing custom reports using data from diverse systems. You can purchase a reporting software package, use spreadsheets or create your own report formats and query multiple data bases, but the work is never done!

Since most organisations do not have an unlimited technology budget, the IT professional, CTO or IT director is asked to do all of this without spending a lot of money. With software upgrades, system integration challenges, user support and new technology to accommodate, it may seem as though the obstacles are too great to overcome.

With all of these challenges in the mix, how do you acquire a business intelligence tool that will:

  • Suit every user skill level
  • Offer an integrated view of all required business data
  • Be flexible enough to grow with your business
  • Provide quick implementation, and rapid training and user adoption Provide a swift return on investment (ROI)
  • Ensure reasonable total cost of ownership (TCO)

At the strategic level, you want a solution that will leverage the valuable information contained within every legacy, best-of-breed or enterprise system within the organisation and can be easily implemented, supported and upgraded as required to accommodate the business strategy.

At the tactical level, you want to select a system that can ensure rapid response to user report requests and relieve the burden of running report queries against enterprise systems and slowing down an already overburdened infrastructure. Your end-users rarely understand the demands or requirements of custom reporting and often require changes – always at the last minute! Your team must quickly and efficiently create the algorithms, scripts or the code required to produce an accurate report, and test the report to be sure it is working correctly before it is delivered to the user or published for public consumption.

What you need is a Business Intelligence Tool and Corporate Performance Management solution to accommodate your needs and one that will satisfy the needs of other users in different roles, so that you can enable end-users to easily create most of the reports they require and create a browser-based environment that is accessible to users from within and outside the enterprise. This solution must be flexible and easy to integrate and upgrade and licensing fees must be affordable. Because ElegantJ BI is easy to integrate with enterprise applications, it ensures that your organisation can leverage its investment in existing applications and infrastructure.

Business Intelligence Tool

Powerful, Affordable BI Features and Technology and a Flexible, Intuitive Design

With ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence Tool and Corporate Performance Management solutions, you can leverage simplicity, affordability and practicality to quickly understand results and analyse issues and to align business units and individuals users without sacrificing crucial high-level strategic functionality and features. Most importantly, it provides all of this flexibility, accessibility and power within a simple, intuitive environment that anyone can use! As an IT Manager, IT Director, CTO or technology professional, you can provide this solution to your team and to your end-users and executives and be confident that it provides the accessibility, affordability and features you need to satisfy your users today and in the future.

Now, here is the best part of the story! You can achieve all of this in an integrated environment, with access to data from enterprise systems, and it will not take your entire annual IT budget to get you there! The ElegantJ CPM and Business Intelligence Tool is browser-based and it is easily integrated with best-of-breed, enterprise and legacy systems to provide a one-stop view of the data your users require in an intuitive user interface that is easy to learn and even easier to deploy. You can implement our solution on premises or use our affordable, Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted solution and let us worry about upgrades, maintenance and support.

Business Intelligence Tool, ElegantJ BI provides simple features and functionality to satisfy every user need and support effective, rapid decisions! Where your IT team will be responsible to produce or design reports or other mechanisms, you will find our solutions to be simple and elegant. You can quickly produce personalised tools for your end-users and executives and be confident that these tools will serve your users well. Moreover, our balanced scorecards, key performance indicators (KPIs), impact and sensitivity analysis, and forecasting and predictive analysis features are cutting-edge. ElegantJ BI enables swift, accurate planning and allows the organisation to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape.

The ElegantJ BI product suite features include strategy maps, balanced scorecards, key performance indicators (KPIs), custom alerts and many other analytical and reporting features. Analysts and report developers do not have to suffer the avalanche of requests and priorities or create a complex spreadsheet or data base queries to develop an accurate picture of business performance. You can intuitively create and use personalised content to manage tasks, monitor results and adapt quickly to change.

Today’s average end-user is more sophisticated and executives expect more out of the IT function and staff. Rather than focusing on the mundane report requests, your executive team would prefer that you concentrate on critical IT activities to ensure that the organisation is ready to take on the future with systems, networks and solutions that confidently serve your clients, employees, and stakeholders.

ElegantJ BI Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) Experienced, Dependable, and Built for the Future

As an IT Manager, Director or professional, your efforts are critical to business results, and the ongoing success of your organisation. Without a flexible, cutting-edge framework and technical environment, you cannot satisfy the ever-changing needs of your executive team, stakeholders, customers and end-users.

Not only can the Business Intelligence Tool, ElegantJ BI satisfies your end-user need for analysis and information, but it can provide a solid foundation to manage strategy at the highest level and to drill down into the lowest level details to ascertain the root cause of a problem. When you provide this integrated view of data, with the power of ElegantJ BI analytical features you ensure that your organisation has the tools to monitor and align business strategy, key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics, goals, objectives and the activities of every business unit, division, department, team and individual in the organisation

Here are just a few examples of the issues you face on a daily basis:

  • Your IT resources are overburdened and priorities are always changing
  • Your IT infrastructure is complex and you do not have the budget to streamline or integrate data sources
  • Your end-users have diverse technical skills and you do not have the time or money to train every employee and ensure that they know how to use every system they need to do their jobs
  • Your end-users and executive team often provide incomplete information and requirements so you have to rework or scrap a custom report after it is completed
  • The reporting tools and methods you use are complex and time consuming
  • You are unable to get to the work that is most important, because you are buried under custom report requests
  • Your systems are overburdened by constant report queries and processing queues, causing end-user dissatisfaction and decreased productivity.
  • Your tools and utilities are not competent to meet the every-changing needs of your organisation
  • Your schedules and timelines are shorter than ever before
  • Your IT budget is constrained and you must optimise funding and resources to achieve your goals
  • Management wants innovative IT solutions to improve performance and efficiency of the organization

ElegantJ BI and CPM solutions:

  • Provides a browser-based environment for easy, fast implementation and integration with other enterprise applications
  • Provides flexible licensing for solution implementation on premises or hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) environs
  • Support end-users and individual roles and responsibilities
  • Provide personalization with the user friendly interface of a packaged application
  • Provides intuitive features and functionality with affordable access for every user
  • Provide forecasting and predictive analysis capability to help your users stay abreast of and anticipate market changes
  • Provides powerful features to support research, key performance indicators (KPIs), balanced scorecard views, forecasting and predictive analysis
  • Provides powerful impact and sensitivity analysis tools that are simple enough to be used by anyone – to determine the focus area for performance improvement and develop recommendations
  • Track and alert issues that impact progress toward goals using objective metrics
  • Provide transparency and insight into every function and area of the organisation
  • Facilitate improvement Initiatives to address performance gaps

Personalised, Analytical Power without Expensive Customisation

The ElegantJ BI portal enables every user to customise dashboard and report formats and to quickly assemble the components and data required to create a clear picture of project, team, product, service, department or divisional issue and business results. You do not have to make a decision for each of your end-users as to how to find, display and use information. Our Business Intelligence Tool, ElegantJ BI provides an intuitive, easy-to-use environment with the flexibility to present custom views, alerts and information. So, you need not sacrifice flexibility or incur great expense to provide a powerful solution for your end-users.

Your return on investment (ROI) will be swift. Implementation is quick and easy and training is minimal. User adoption is fast and users will embrace the product with enthusiasm! We provide on premises or hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation options so your organisation and/or your client organisation can deploy and use the solutions without significant impact to budget. Total cost of ownership (TCO) is minimal!

When you consider a Corporate Performance Management Solution, we encourage you to review our credentials and our product suite. Elegant MicroWeb has more than a decade of experience in BI and CPM and our products and dedicated service are designed to achieve proven results and to help our clients align strategy, tactics and operations for ultimate corporate performance management! You can count on us to make YOU look good! We understand the challenges of an IT Manager and IT professionals and we are ready to support the needs of your organisation and your end-users with proven processes and delivery models that will ensure your satisfaction!

Sample Case Study

“I don’t have enough hands! Every day my team receives custom report requests from every corner of the company. At the same time, my executive team has developed a plan to grow the company and product line and to establish customer portals and other initiatives that require support from my technology team. If I could find a way to give our end-users the information they need without involving my technical resources, it would save my life!”
Bryan Murphy, Age 57, Technology Director, Blaylock Consumer Products

Bryan is the Technology Director for a mid-sized consumer electronics company. He started with Blaylock as a programmer and has worked his way up to a director position. Bryan has a good understanding of the various systems in the enterprise, some of which are legacy systems, and some of which are large packaged enterprise systems. He is frustrated by the constant requests for information and reports and his inability to focus on the larger picture and prepare for company growth with suitable network, data bases and software solutions. He is also challenged to provide the information his end-users and executives need since many of his systems are in ‘silo’ mode and information must be manually integrated by data dump with a lot of redundancy and errors.

In order to solve his problems and get back to his focus on the big picture, Bryan must find a solution that will provide a foundation for future growth and success and the flexibility to give Blaylock end-users the tools to produce their own reports, and analyse critical data to ensure business success. He hopes to achieve this without involving his already overburdened technical staff. Since the organisation plans to create a portal for customer communication and information, Bryan would like to select a solution that is accessible from outside the enterprise and one that is intuitive and requires little training.

The solution Bryan selects must enable every user to see and manipulate data in a way that is meaningful to them. It must also ensure fast, easy implementation and optimise total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI).

Bryan selected the ElegantJ BI solution to satisfy his requirements. In so doing, he was able to integrate, filter and analyse information from the various systems within the enterprise and to put the majority of the reporting and analysis requirements back in the hands of his end-users. With minimal training and implementation time, Bryan’s organisation was up and running with successful user adoption, even for those end-users with limited technical skill and analytical ability. The Blaylock executive team also uses ElegantJ BI and CPM to establish and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics and to perform impact and sensitivity analysis to understand how and where to focus the business to achieve optimum results.

The CEO created strategy maps to align each department with the corporate strategy, and to easily analyse current business information and provide simple, intuitive reports to satisfy stakeholders and monitor business results and goals. Bryan created a personalised dashboard to suit his needs as the Technology Manager. He can view the correlation of tasks and dependencies, illustrate the impact of changes and perform sensitivity analysis so that he has a full picture of the consequences and results of corrective actions on his end-users and on the technical environs of the company.

Dashboards, alerts, impact and sensitivity analysis, balanced scorecards and other features provide Bryan and the Blaylock managers and team members with the flexibility and information required to define metrics, monitor results and make changes to processes and assignments on an ongoing basis. The organisation now uses this solution to manage performance in sales, finance, purchasing, production and many other functions. In this way, they can keep the company on track and help the team hold the line on costs and overhead.

With dynamic business analytics, personalised reporting, interactive dashboards, balanced scorecards, and flexible views and alerts, Blaylock is able to satisfy even the most complex needs and to integrate a variety of data bases and enterprise systems and tools into one comprehensive view. They can provide the most up-to-date information on competitive, market and business trends and use forecasting and predictive analysis to satisfy even the most complex requirements – all without involvement from the technology team!

If you are ready to improve results and satisfy the need for accurate, timely business analysis, simple technology deployment and affordable end-user solutions, please contact us. We can tell you how our ElegantJ BI Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) can help you, your organisation, your clients and your business results. Contact us via email, phone or fax. Contact us now


"ElegantJ BI is very powerful and intuitive tool, we are happy to offer & implement ElegantJ BI to our clients. Their partnership program is a win-win proposition for us, and they provide excellent presales and technical support. It is great value for us as partners, and great value for our customers for their BI investments."

– ElegantJ BI OEM Partner,
Saudi Arabia

Superior architecture – 100% browser based

Business Intelligence Tool - Architecture

Our 100% browser-based architecture with superior interoperability with other systems enables swift implementation, easy access and complete integration of data from disparate sources and ensures that your users will have access to concise, up-to-date information both within the office environs and while they are on the road or at another location.

Simple, Practical, Affordable proposition of ElegantJ BI

Business Intelligence Tool – Advantages

ElegantJ BI is simple to use, practical to implement and affordable for every organization. We offer Software as a Service and on-premises licensing options. Our flexible user interface enables easy personalization of dashboards and custom automated alerts to notify users when a critical business metric has been achieved or a problem arises.

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