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Business Intelligence Software – KPI for Telecom Industry

The telecommunication services industry is a market that faces significant challenges from competition, regulators, rapid technology shifts and innovations and a constant customer demand for new services, features and conveniences. The telecommunication enterprise must find and cultivate valuable partnerships and fend off or find new opportunities for acquisition. The opportunities for a sophisticated, prepared enterprise team are endless. However, it is difficult to merge and filter data and predict trends in the market and product and service offerings in order to stay ahead of the competition and be one step ahead of customer needs.

Customer satisfaction and marketing intelligence is mandatory to achieve success in this market and the enterprise must provide a rich array of promotional programs, marketing campaigns and community outreach programs in order to get and keep the attention of the consumer. Additionally, the telecommunication enterprise must plan and make appropriate infrastructure and equipment investments in order to sustain client satisfaction and achieve targeted profit margins.

ElegantJ BI corporate performance management (CPM) and business intelligence (BI) modules can help your enterprise to achieve a unified view of integrated data from various enterprise systems and sources. Users can leverage this data in a personalised dashboard view and schedule automated alerts to notify them of critical business issues. Reporting, presentation and analysis are easier than ever with simplified, affordable solutions that require no IT expert assistance! Users can fulfill objectives and monitor strategic, tactical and operational targets with complete transparency and drill through data to find the root cause of a problem and make confident decisions.

Business Intelligence Software

Business Intelligence Software for Telecom

True business intelligence (BI) can support, grow and ensure the success of the telecommunications enterprise, and simplify the process of managing the competitive strategy, the supply chain, materials and supplies, partnerships and suppliers, services, customer satisfaction, distribution and other critical business factors.

  • Operations and Budget Analysis – Operation and Budget Analysis enables the user to monitor diverse enterprise systems and sources of data in a unified, simple view to manage budgets, customer satisfaction, and sales on a daily basis
  • Capacity Planning and Management – Capacity Planning and Management Analysis allows users to identify unused or available capacity and optimise cost and resources and it allows users to accurately plan for and monitor the need for additional capacity and anticipate growth and trends. ElegantJ BI makes it easy for your users to obtain automated alerts and accurate information about capacity usage within the infrastructure. Users can monitor and analyse information to predict trends and forecast the need for more capacity, more equipment, more resources or infrastructure changes
  • Network Operations Management – Network operations management Analysis evaluates field and technician expenses, schedules, shifts, equipment and vehicles and network downtime or sluggish performance.
  • Billing and Revenue Optimisation – ElegantJ BI enables the enterprise to monitor and optimise billing revenue in a complex product and service environment with complete insight into opportunities for new product and service offerings, profitable products, billing cycles, regulatory compliance and simplification of complex billing and service system integration.
  • Financial and Operational Performance Management – Financial and Operational Performance Management and Analysis enables financial performance and allows the organisation to establish and meet goals and track progress using a large volume of information, integrated from numerous enterprise systems and sources. Users can monitor the financial health of the organisation and create and share reports to comply with government and industry regulations
  • Customer Profitability Management – Customer Profitability Management and Analysis facilitates excellence in customer service and improves customer acquisition with targeted marketing and market research. Users can identify the most profitable customers and analyse buying behavior and preferences
  • Sales, Marketing and Management – ElegantJ BI provides ample support to establish and manage the results of marketing campaigns, market research, sales results and targets, individual sales performance, regional and product sales performance and more
  • Distribution Channels – Your team can monitor and analyse the efficiency of service distribution and the networks and equipment used for this service distribution, and analyse the impact on customer satisfaction, new services and products, sales and other factors.
  • Outsourcing Management – Establish metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitor and manage outsourcing results, collaboration and integrated enterprise processes to ensure the success of outsourced tasks, roles and departments.
  • Architecture Forecasting and Management – Analyse voluminous data from multiple enterprise systems and identify opportunities and need for infrastructure, architecture and equipment, and for additional capacity and growth of the user base. ElegantJ BI provides interoperability and data integration in a simple, intuitive environment, so analysis and metrics are simple and forecasting is dependable and accurate.

ElegantJ BI for Telecommunications – Benefits at a Glance

  • Establish targets, analyse buying behavior and customer needs and manage customer churn
  • Analyse customer and market segmentation and plan for new products and services
  • Ensure fraud and risk management
  • Ensure timely billing cycles and swift revenue recognition
  • Simplify product and service billing and integrate information from billing and service systems to create intuitive, easy reports and presentations
  • Establish goals and KPI for Telecom and manage call center and other service activities
  • Determine and monitor subscriber usage patterns and trends
  • Discover new revenue opportunities and analyse operations to improve the customer experience
  • Analyse individual call detail records (CDR) with timely, up-to-date information
  • Monitor financial data and analyse models to engender customer loyalty with KPI for Telecom
  • Ensure robust security and protect customer financial and personal data
  • Gather and track information on service and network status with operational data from all business areas
  • Monitor workforce expenses for customer services, call centers and technical staffing and optimise resources and equipment with KPI for Telecom
  • Provide true business intelligence to monitor and analyse results, metrics, and strategic, operational and tactical performance.
  • Ensure an ideal combination of technology, processes and people to optimise business strategy and cost and resource allocation
  • Identify profitable partners and improve collaborative business processes
  • Improve performance by integrating management and financial metrics
  • Streamline sales and marketing expenses and monitor results with KPI for Telecom
  • Improve customer relationship management with better understanding of their requirements
  • Make timely informed decisions about business strategy and marketing tactics
  • Provide consistent operational and financial view across organisation to enforce accountability and information sharing
  • Ensure accurate, timely data for better insight into revenues and costs for confident decision and maximized profitability
  • Identify redundancies, control costs and discover profitable growth opportunities
  • Simplify product planning and pricing analysis
  • Ensure accurate, up-to-date financial analysis
  • Receive automated alerts and take immediate corrective action to resolve shipping and distribution issues and manage suppliers
  • Provide an integrated view of market research, customer feedback, new product planning, marketing campaigns, sales targets and results and trends
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and provide accurate, intuitive reporting
  • Provide a simple, intuitive interface that business users can leverage to perform tasks and fulfill their prescribed role
  • Provide capability to handle complex and large data elements in different data schemes spread over a wide geographic distribution for risk recognition and trend analysis
  • Monitors, analyses and provides KPI for Telecom on sales by product, region, distributor, partner, or sales representative using personalised BI dashboards and intuitive business intelligence reports
  • Provides the support to eliminate the use of complex, error-ridden spreadsheets in favor of highly intelligent BI dashboards and business intelligence reports with graphical and drill down capability
  • Balance the risk involved with business and growth while maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Leverage investments in existing resources and infrastructure by integrating data from existing sources
  • Produce BI Reports for management on performance, customer demographics and other factors
  • Assess all aspects of organisation performance, e.g., income, profit, customer satisfaction, flexibility, transformation and growth

ElegantJ BI Integrated Business Intelligence and Enterprise Reporting capabilities ensure comprehensive Corporate Performance Management, and provide business intelligence with simple, practical, affordable features and functionality. Our Business Intelligence Software is relevant to all industries and functions and can be used by the average business user without the assistance of analysts, statistical experts or technical programmers. No matter the size of your organisation, Business Intelligence Software, ElegantJ BI can satisfy your needs with flexible licensing and implementation options that include on premises implementation and hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation.

Business Intelligence Software, ElegantJ BI provides a single source, integrated view of enterprise data from numerous sources and enable every user to build views, balanced scorecards, dashboards and with KPI for Telecom to satisfy the needs of their role, department and function, so every user is engaged in the pursuit of strategic, operational and tactical goals and can provide appropriate support for continued success in acquiring new clients and in retaining existing clients and selling new products and services.

If you need a rich, intuitive Business Intelligence Software, coupled with robust CPM features, we encourage you to contact us today to discuss your unique requirements and get started with the ElegantJ BI solution suite. Email us at sales@ElegantJBI.com

The Power of ElegantJ BI is at Your Fingertips with BI for Mobile Devices

Mobile Business Intelligence Tool

The ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management suite is compatible with all popular Smart Phones and tablets including iPad and iPhone as well as Android Smart Phones and tablets. Your team members can use a Smart Phone or tablet to access the complete suite of Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management modules and leverage our powerful features, including personalized, intuitive dashboards, exception alerts, KPI Monitoring, Analytics, graphical mining and reporting.


"We were looking for 100% browser based, feature rich, simple to use BI tool that has shorter learning curve and implementation cycle. We found that ElegantJ BI is the tool meeting our requirements, we are glad to have ElegantJ BI implemented in our organization with shorter implementation cycle, ease of use and faster ROI."

- Leading Infrastructure Development Company, Saudi Arabia

Balanced Scorecards

CPM Balanced Scorecards

Balanced Scorecards ensure accurate Performance Management. Our Balanced Scorecards can help you to translate vision and strategy into an integrated set of performance and action measures and, more importantly, cascade this measurable information down through the organization so that everyone is operating with the most current, concise information.

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