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Business Intelligence Tool - Life Sciences Industry

In life sciences there is no room for error. Enterprises in this industry must achieve and sustain complete insight into critical data and maintain a library of disparate knowledge in a clear, concise environment that supports analytical activities and ensures appropriate decisions. An overwhelming volume of data from external sources complicates data integration and creates a challenge to the enterprise. To ensure the success of the enterprise and compliance with governmental and industry regulation, the life sciences organisation must have access to information that is up-to-date, and will enable swift analysis and support collaboration and information sharing.

If your life sciences organisation faces these challenges, your users understand the need for true Business Intelligence (BI). You need a single, unified view of statistics and knowledge and the ability to present information that is meaningful to stakeholders, regulators, staff and partners. Business Intelligence Tool, ElegantJ BI provides a simple, practical browser-based environment that is accessible from anywhere at anytime. Our features are robust and provide complex functionality in a simplified environment that is suitable for every business user without IT or expert intervention.

Users can establish critical metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor performance and use automated alerts to receive immediate notification when a problem arises or a threshold has been crossed. ElegantJ BI is suitable for every function and role within the organisation and supports reporting and analysis for pricing, markets, partnerships, sales, marketing, product quality, service levels, distribution, research and many other business functions. Information is integrated from numerous enterprise systems and sources and provides a single source and interface within which users can gather and synchronize information, monitor and manage research programs, regulatory issues, manufacturing units, and sales and marketing to maximize and forecast results.

Business Intelligence Tool

Business Intelligence Tool for Life Sciences

True business intelligence (BI) can support, grow and ensure the success of the life sciences enterprise.

  • Enterprise Data IntegrationBusiness Intelligence Tool, ElegantJ BI provides a flexible, browser-based platform that will support growth as the user base, volume of data and enterprise locations and business grows and becomes more complex. Information is integrated from numerous sources and presented in a unified view. When combined with powerful analytics and highly customisable personalised BI reporting, users can develop reports and analyse data for presentation, compliance reporting and collaboration and problem solving.
  • Clinical Data Management – Our Business Intelligence Tool provides an elegant foundation for electronic data capture and integration of internal and external data from a single point with easily customizable views that support the roles of every user and ensure that clinical data is accessible to and usable by every user, no matter their technical skills or their location.
  • Financial and Operational Performance Management – Financial and Operational Performance Management and Analysis enables financial performance and allows the organisation to establish and meet goals and track progress using a large volume of information, integrated from numerous enterprise systems and sources. Users can monitor the financial health of the organisation and create and share reports to comply with government and industry regulations
  • Profitability Management – Profitability Management and Analysis helps users to evaluate risk trends and forecast profitability with dependable data.

ElegantJ BI for Life Sciences – Benefits at a Glance

  • Ensures that all information is stored in an easily accessible format to a provide clear view into business processes and results
  • Enhances efficiency in product and compound research, with appropriate data security, and data sharing controls
  • Provides supply chain and inventory control
  • Balances risk involved with business and growth while maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Leverages investments in existing resources and infrastructure by integrating data from existing sources
  • Meet regulatory requirements with timely accurate information
  • Produce BI Reports for management and regulators including charts, graphs, gauges, OLAP functionality to concisely display data in a drill through environment that enables analysis
  • Provide a 360° view of programs, regulations, products, services, production, distribution, sales, marketing and other information
  • Perform profit analysis by business unit or product or research project, and find and retain the most profitable products
  • Mitigate risk and understand trends and patterns

ElegantJ BI Integrated Business Intelligence and Enterprise Reporting capabilities ensure comprehensive Corporate Performance Management, and provide Business Intelligence with simple, practical, affordable features and functionality. Our Business Intelligence Tool is relevant to all industries and functions and can be used by the average business user without the assistance of analysts, statistical experts or technical programmers. No matter the size of your organisation, ElegantJ BI solutions can satisfy your needs with flexible licensing and implementation options that include on premises implementation and hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation.

ElegantJ BI solutions provide a single source, integrated view of enterprise data from numerous sources and enable every user to build views, balanced scorecards, dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs) to satisfy the needs of their role, department and function, so every user is engaged in the pursuit of strategic, operational and tactical goals and can provide appropriate support for continued success in acquiring new clients and in retaining existing clients and selling new products and services.

If you need a rich, intuitive Business Intelligence Tool, coupled with robust CPM features, we encourage you to contact us today to discuss your unique requirements and get started with the ElegantJ BI solution suite. Email us at sales@ElegantJBI.com

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