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Business Intelligence Tool – Large Enterprises

The large enterprise business dynamic is like no other. The challenges of a diverse operating environment with hundreds or thousands of employees can often stymie the executive team and disable strategic alignment and the sharing of critical information. Perhaps your enterprise has multiple products and services, varied business units and divisions and multiple locations. All of these factors can be obstacles to success if the organisation cannot manage its business environs with a clear, complete picture of current business conditions. It is difficult to find, filter and share information and to quickly and easily adapt strategy and business processes to achieve and sustain a

competitive edge in the market. In addition, your enterprise may be subject to industry, government and business regulations that require monitoring and management. It is nearly impossible to communicate with every stakeholder and employee on a daily basis. The organisation is too big and too complex to function in the same way as a small business. And, yet, the managers, team members and individual contributors still have a need to stay in touch, and to understand what is happening across the enterprise and how departmental, divisional and team results and competitive efforts are impacting the enterprise strategy.

Whether your large enterprise is an international conglomerate, or you have plans to double in size you can deploy a simple, affordable, state-of-the-art BI solution with cutting edge analytical capabilities! The ElegantJ BI solutions include rich Business Intelligence Tool features and enterprise performance management functionality. Users can design and develop reports, alerts and dashboards to meet their needs and the executive team can monitor summary results, drill down to view the root cause of an issue and cascade strategy, goals and measures throughout the organisation. Our solution is suitable for all enterprise security needs. Your users will have the right access to the right data and permissions can be based on roles or other custom categories. ElegantJ BI is browser-based and accessible from every location, whether your team or individual team members are working in a regional office or in a hotel room or on the road. This feature-rich functionality enables every corporation and enterprise to communicate with the same nimble ease as an organisation half its size and, more importantly, to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and other metrics that will enable swift, confident decision and correction to keep the corporation on course.

Business Intelligence Tool

Improve Strategic Alignment and Ensure Accountability and Accurate Decisions

To succeed in today’s sophisticated market, every corporation and large business enterprise must establish business alignment across and throughout the enterprise – in all business units, divisions, departments, teams and functions. It is imperative that each employee and individual within the enterprise understand how their day-to-day tasks impact the success of the company and how they can contribute to the bottom line. It isn’t enough to read a strategic document. Each team member must clearly see the linkage between the enterprise direction and the tasks they perform on a daily basis and, more importantly, must be able to clearly see the issues that arise and where results may fall short of expectations.

Another complicating factor to large enterprise business alignment is that much of the critical information within the enterprise is maintained within diverse systems environments. It is difficult, if not impossible, to get one, true picture of the information you need without manual manipulation of data. If and when you print reports from enterprise systems, you may have to sift through stacks of documents or browse multiple electronic documents, making notes and manual calculations to create a complete picture.

If your corporation or enterprise is seeking a competitive edge, you will need current, accurate, focused information, data integration and operational intelligence in order to achieve responsiveness and agility in an ever-changing market. With the ElegantJ BI CPM and BI solutions, you can leverage the best of technology to define key performance indicators (KPIs), create dashboards and balanced scorecards and perform impact and sensitivity analysis to determine the appropriate focus area and take swift corrective action to keep your enterprise on track.

Imagine if your end-users had access to a business intelligence tool and corporate performance management solution that was easy to use (even for the average business user). What if you could provide clarity and analytical capability, and thereby make every employee, manager and executive an active member of the ‘business success’ team. With the right BI and CPM solution, you can gain the insight and find the information you need to quickly and easily adapt to market changes and take appropriate corrective action, as appropriate. ElegantJ BI CPM and BI solutions can provide the answers you need - to measure, adapt and monitor results.

The ElegantJ BI Suite of Products: BI and CPM Solutions

ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence Tool and Corporate Performance Management solutions are suitable for every enterprise, no matter how large or complex; no matter the industry or company focus. Our solutions are affordable, practical, flexible and simple to install – in days or weeks, rather than months or years - so you will achieve an impressive return on investment (ROI) more quickly.

You can access our solutions from anywhere within the organisation or offsite via browser, making it easy for your employees to get the information they need whether they are in the office or on the road. You can implement the solution on premises or offsite via hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Every user has access to a simple, intuitive solution that can be personalised to present a view that is meaningful to them. And, in a large enterprise environment where team members play varied roles and have numerous responsibilities, the capacity to customise and personalise the use of the ElegantJ BI system is a critical component of user adoption and success.

Your users can customise dashboards, alerts, balanced scorecards and analytical views to easily and quickly see the impact of processes and actions on strategic goals and initiatives. You can adapt and change to gain a competitive advantage, and better align every task. You can cascade your strategy to the entire enterprise, and map strategies and metrics using strategy maps and graphical illustration of results. Our drill down capability and seamless user experience puts the power of information at the fingertips of every user. Our browser-based model ensures that every user will have appropriate access to information no matter where they are or what time of day they need to access the system. A robust security model enables you to establish appropriate access and guidelines so that every user can see the information they need and you can grant appropriate permissions based on responsibilities and roles.

ElegantJ BI solutions are flexible enough to meet your needs, without expensive, extensive technical customization or frustrating delays. We don’t force you into a cookie cutter environment because we know your needs are unique and your market approach and use of information is comparable to no other organisation.

Sample Case Study

“We need a full-service team to deliver solutions that get results.”
Shyla Cortnis, Age 46, Sr. VP Business Development, Leather Goods

Shyla is the Senior Vice President of Development for a successful local retail chain. This enterprise is launching a 400 store nationwide franchise system within one year. The enterprise employs 6000 people with a projected annual revenue of $150 Million dollars. Financing for expansion is contingent upon an effective management program.

In order to achieve her goals, Shyla must establish a uniform, dependable data and reporting system that can be implemented company-wide and will provide the flexibility and analytical capability to satisfy complex corporate requirements for every department and team. Shyla must also establish metrics and measures that will provide clarity of corporate and departmental results and enforce accountability across the enterprise. Because her end-users have varied technical skills and daily tasks, she must provide a system that integrates information from various sources within the enterprise. Furthermore, the solution must be simple and easy to adopt, and one that will provide the flexibility to enable every user to see and manipulate data in a way that is meaningful to them. Shyla’s requirements also include system access to users in various locations and a secured environment where her users can easily access critical information with specific permissions to appropriately control access to confidential data.

Shyla selected the ElegantJ BI solution suite to satisfy the defined requirements. This solution provided her team with an enterprise-wide view of data and the ability to effectively manage expansion and finances with a current view of data and results. Dashboards, alerts, impact and sensitivity analysis, balanced scorecards and other features provided the flexibility and information required by every user and ensured that each team member, could measure and monitor results and make changes to processes and assignments to keep the company on track. Metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) keep the corporation and every individual on track and clearly illustrate accountability and where changes must be made. BI and CPM training and support ensured that the company had the most cutting-edge experience and knowledge of BI and CPM techniques and processes and could swiftly move toward expansion goals with complete confidence in their decisions. With ElegantJ BI solutions, Shyla and her team can receive automated alerts to notify them when a critical threshold is crossed or when certain issues arise. There is no need to request and wait for complex spreadsheets or reports to review and address crucial business issues or adapt to change. The information this enterprise needs is now at their fingertips!

ElegantJ BI can Provide the Best Solution for your Large Enterprise Needs

ElegantJ BI clients and partners successfully use our Business Intelligence Tool and Corporate Performance Management solution to support and analyse the most tactical activity and processes and the most high-level, strategic decisions and direction. We offer the most practical, complete and proven platform and deliver the simplest, easy-to-use web-based analytics, and you can integrate enterprise applications to gather, present and analyse information from critical sources.

When you consider the available Business Intelligence Tool and Corporate Performance Management solution, you will quickly conclude that ElegantJ BI and CPM solutions are the most flexible, cutting edge solutions. Our products are designed to satisfy the need for current and future BI features and to enable the fastest, most effective implementation and product use for every size and type of organisation.

The ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence Tool enables efficient management through insight and understanding of performance, optimization of resources, and alignment of organizational units, business processes, teams and individuals. In short, it keeps you on target!

ElegantJ BI and CPM solutions:

  • Support strategic planning and goal-setting
  • Track progress toward goals using objective metrics and measurements
  • Improve employee accountability and team goals
  • Provide appropriate security and permissions to control access
  • Offer scalable, flexible, browser-based architecture to ensure continued access as the enterprise grows
  • Provide transparency and insight into every corner of the organisation
  • Facilitate improvement Initiatives to address performance gaps

Don’t choose a product or solution suite that requires you to work within the restrictive boundaries of inflexible reporting, complicated technical requirements or limited analytical capability. When you select ElegantJ BI products, you ensure that your technical team can focus on more pressing issues, and that your implementation will be swift and simple.

Our implementation options are flexible! You may choose to implement the solution on premises or offsite via a hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Your users will find the system to be intuitive and easy to use and you will achieve better return on investment (ROI) and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). You don’t have to be a monolithic enterprise with unlimited funds in order to afford the products and services we provide. No matter the complexities of your requirements or the limitations of budget or schedule, our ElegantJ BI solutions can suit your needs.

Learn more about the ElegantJ BI Advantage and how to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), improve your return on investment (ROI) and satisfy your unique requirements without sacrifice or frustration.

Find out how Business Intelligence Tool, ElegantJ BI can help your enterprise to grow and sustain your business. Your team can make better business decisions and truly understand your market position and your strengths and weaknesses so you can achieve continuous improvement and market success. Contact us via email, phone or fax. Contact us now

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BI enhances enterprise productivity and customer satisfaction, and can help your organization to move forward and adapt to market, customer and competitive changes with the click of a mouse! If you need to establish objective metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitor and assess your results against plan and strategy, BI can help you achieve these goals and more!

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