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BI for Finance - KPI for Finance

In every organisation the finance department, controller, CFO and accountants face significant challenges from statutory requirements, government regulatory bodies and other standards. They must manage and report on the financial status of the organisation and provide adequate documentation and verification for the presentations, numbers, statistics and advice they provide to the shareholders, partners, suppliers, creditors, debtors, management team, the government, and the company at large.

Finance professionals must also move beyond standard reporting to analyse the details of balance sheets, profit and loss statements and other financial reports and provide summary and detailed analysis to optimise financial performance today and in the future. To achieve these goals, they must have full insight into the bottom line, cash flow, net worth, investments, sales and many other factors.

In addition, the team members, and end-users in the organisation require precise, timely information regarding company performance, the financials for a division, department or project and other financial information to support strategic, tactical and operational business decisions. Financial professionals monitor and report on budgets, plan numbers, sales and many other factors that affect the financial health and stability of the enterprise.

To accurately and concisely report and analyse information, the financial professional must have the ability to view data by customer, product, pricing, profitability, cost centers, sales region and numerous other categories. In today’s rapidly changing global business landscape, financial professionals are more challenged than ever! They no longer have a year – or even a month – to produce reports or provide analysis, graphs, charts and metrics to the organisation or to stakeholders. They do not have the luxury to hire additional resources to satisfy reporting needs!

BI for Finance with KPI for Finance offers a solution to the problems faced by finance professionals. Your users face a myriad of analytical tasks and reporting requirements, including compliance with and reporting for governmental agencies, regulatory institutions and stakeholders. True business intelligence can provide simple, practical, affordable relief.

Simple, practical, affordable BI for Finance solution with KPI for Finance enables your team to customise and personalise views and to quickly analyse data at a summary and detail level with slice and dice, drill down, drill through and drill up features and powerful, easy-to-use forecasting and predictive analysis, and built-in algorithms to simplify and speed the reporting and analytical process.

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BI for Finance with KPI for Finance

  • Fulfill day-to-day and long-term need for up-to-date data
  • Ensure complete control over factors affecting the financial performance of the organisation
  • Receive timely insight and automated alerts to monitor critical thresholds and metrics
  • Utilize information to fine tune financial processes and strategies across the organisation.
  • Decrease the time required to consolidate financial information and provide standard and ad-hoc reporting
  • Leverage single-view projections of financial information including investments, budgets, plan vs. actual, general ledger, accounts payable, inventory, aging reports, and accounts receivable with drill-down and drill-thorough functionality for rapid analysis.
  • Enable every user to see up-to-date information on vital metrics, e.g., financial ratios, drill-down profit analysis, sales outstanding for the day, cash flow, income analysis as required by the user role and responsibility and presented in a way that is meaningful and customised for that user
  • Simplify and accelerate financial consolidation to satisfy regulatory standards and requirements, with complete transparency
  • Understand customer credit and payment trends, and service costs
  • Manage and monitor the cost of assets, facilities costs and other physical plant and business costs
  • Evaluate fraud risk
  • Analyse liquidity and profitability for an accurate picture of current financial standing, and credit worthiness
  • Forecast results using historical and past performance information and powerful algorithms and predictive analysis features
  • Monitor financial performance with income statements and balance sheets, complete with drill down capacity for the various levels of the general ledger.
  • Monitor vendor payment history and share information with the procurement staff and with warehouse and inventory teams.
  • Monitor supplier results, delays and other information and share reports and alerts to enable swift action and ensure that the supply chain is not disrupted

ElegantJ BI Integrated Business Intelligence and Enterprise Reporting capabilities ensure comprehensive Corporate Performance Management, and provide operational business intelligence with simple, practical, affordable features and functionality. Our BI for Finance with KPI for Finance functions are relevant to all industries and functions and can be used by the average business user without the assistance of analysts, statistical experts or technical programmers. No matter the size of your organisation or the industry or product or service, ElegantJ BI solutions can satisfy your needs with flexible licensing and implementation options that include on premises implementation and hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation.

ElegantJ BI provides a single source, integrated view of enterprise data from numerous sources and enable every user to build views, dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs) to satisfy the needs of their role, department and function, so every user is engaged in the pursuit of strategic, operational and tactical goals and can provide appropriate support for continued financial success, compliance with government and industry reporting regulations and objective metrics and measurements to enable better management and support accurate business decisions.

If you need a rich, intuitive BI for Finance solution, coupled with robust CPM features, we encourage you to contact us today to discuss your unique requirements and get started with the ElegantJ BI solution suite. Email us at sales@ElegantJBI.com


"ElegantJ BI is very powerful and intuitive tool, we are happy to offer & implement ElegantJ BI to our clients. Their partnership program is a win-win proposition for us, and they provide excellent presales and technical support. It is great value for us as partners, and great value for our customers for their BI investments."

– ElegantJ BI OEM Partner,
Saudi Arabia

The Power of ElegantJ BI is at Your Fingertips with BI for Mobile Devices

Mobile Business Intelligence Tool

The ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management suite is compatible with all popular Smart Phones and tablets including iPad and iPhone as well as Android Smart Phones and tablets. Your team members can use a Smart Phone or tablet to access the complete suite of Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management modules and leverage our powerful features, including personalized, intuitive dashboards, exception alerts, KPI Monitoring, Analytics, graphical mining and reporting.