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Business Intelligence for Customer Relationship Management

Customer service and customer satisfaction are the backbone of customer relationships. If an organisation can accurately monitor and measure customer service factors and customer satisfaction, it is easier to make appropriate corrections and ensure customer retention, good client references and new customer acquisition. To identify the problems affecting customer service, one must understand delays in delivery, response time for information requests, the number and nature of complaints and claims and numerous other factors. To effectively manage customer relationships,

the organisation must also set priorities to serve key customers and to understand buying behaviour and customer satisfaction for various market segments, client profiles, products and services. Team members must work with consistent goals and expectations to satisfy service expectations and be accountable for established objectives. Where results are declining or customer satisfaction is poor, the organisation must quickly assess the root cause of the problem and adapt processes, training, policies and procedures to ensure that critical business initiatives are not put at risk.

The need to understand customers and product and service issues is an ongoing requirement, and the organisation must update customer profiles and monitor changes in buying behaviour based on demographics, geographies, psychographics and behavioral buying data. Customer service and customer satisfaction metrics require a comprehensive integrated data mining process to view various customer groups, regions and other factors using data in the existing enterprise data bases and systems. However, many organisations find it difficult to leverage and understand the data they have, because this information resides in disparate locations and is difficult, if not impossible, to integrate and summarize.

Business Intelligence Tool

Business Intelligence for Customer Relationship Management

  • Acts as a barometer for customer service and customer satisfaction
  • Provides objective metrics and ensures excellence in customer experience based on key performance indicators (KPIs) for customer relationship management.
  • Offers accurate analysis for on-time delivery ratios to help define and measure objectives with minimum deviation
  • Categorizes and tracks information on suggestions, complaints and claims to help gauge and minimise the gravity of various customer satisfaction risks and issues
  • Monitors and analyses the number of complaints and service calls, and order status, e.g., failed, ordered, canceled, and completed, and tracks claims for payments and settlements
  • Evaluates customer service against industry standards by measuring response times affecting customer satisfaction and helping the company to identify and reduce performance threats and risks
  • Quantifies issues and costs related to customer services, e.g., average call costs and customer retention ratios

ElegantJ BI, Business Intelligence for customer relationship management solution provide a single source, integrated view of enterprise data from numerous sources and enable every user to build views, dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs) to satisfy the needs of their role, department and function, so every user is engaged in the pursuit of strategic, operational and tactical goals and can provide appropriate support for continued success in acquiring new clients and in retaining existing clients and selling new products and services.

ElegantJ BI Integrated Business Intelligence and Enterprise Reporting capabilities ensure comprehensive Corporate Performance Management, and provide operational business intelligence with simple, practical, affordable features and functionality. Our Business Intelligence modules are relevant to all industries and functions and can be used by the average business user without the assistance of analysts, statistical experts or technical programmers. No matter the size of your organisation or the industry or product or service, Business intelligence for customer relationship management solution, ElegantJ BI can satisfy your needs with flexible licensing and implementation options that include on premises implementation and hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation.

If you need a rich, intuitive Business intelligence for customer relationship management solution, coupled with robust CPM features, we encourage you to contact us today to discuss your unique requirements and get started with the ElegantJ BI solution suite. Email us at sales@ElegantJBI.com


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- Leading Infrastructure Development Company, Saudi Arabia