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Business Intelligence for Business Consultants

As a business consultant, you may work within an enterprise or provide services to clients as a contracted consultant. Either way, your information requirements can vary greatly. Depending on the project, task or initiative, you must quickly gather, filter and understand business results to gain an accurate understanding of the business, its progress, its issues and its goals and strategy. Every situation requires a different set of data and each situation may also require that you display and view data unique to a process, project, role, function, or analytical requirement.

For the Business Consultant, one thing is always true! In order to accurately depict results, and help the organisation or client to make swift, accurate decisions, you must have access to the right tools. In today’s competitive business environment, no one has the luxury of unlimited time to find, filter and view information, to wait for custom reports or data analysis, or to delay critical recommendations or decisions until all information is in hand.

Imagine how much simpler your job would be if you could:

  • Create and monitor strategy maps,
  • Create personalised results and views to consider issues from the varied perspectives of your clients
  • Create and monitor objective metrics and measures
  • Understand the complex dependencies, correlation and inter-relationships of tasks
  • Understand the impact of a decision before it is made and perform sensitivity analysis to determine the exact performance targets and how to achieve them
  • Use multivariate, non-linear analysis without the need for time consuming, complex formulae for impact and sensitivity analysis

You need a Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management suite of solutions to accommodate your needs and one that will satisfy the needs of other users in different roles, so that you can collaborate and establish a solid foundation for business growth and management in the future. Without that capacity and flexibility you are limiting business intelligence access to a select few. With ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management solutions, you can leverage simplicity, affordability and practicality to quickly understand results and analyse issues and to align business units and individuals users without sacrificing crucial high-level strategic functionality and features.

ElegantJ BI solutions provide simple, practical and affordable features and functionality to satisfy every user need with intuitive, browser-based analytics designed to support effective, rapid decisions! Moreover, our balanced scorecards, key performance indicators (KPIs), impact and sensitivity analysis, and forecasting and predictive analysis features are cutting-edge. ElegantJ BI enables swift, accurate planning and allows the organisation to adapt to the changing business landscape. Metrics and automated alerts are relevant for every business consulting requirement and will quickly provide information for use in reports, presentations, recommendations and consulting project tasks.

Business Intelligence Tool

The ElegantJ BI product suite features include strategy maps, balanced scorecards, key performance indicators (KPIs), custom alerts and many other analytical and reporting features. You do not have to wait for technical resources or create a complex spreadsheet to develop an accurate picture of business performance. You can intuitively create and use personalised content to manage tasks, monitor results and adapt quickly to change.

Gone are the days when technical staff satisfied every reporting or information need. Business Consultants, team members and end-users are more sophisticated and everyone expects more out of employees and staff. Whether you serve an enterprise manager or you are working as an outside business consultant, serving a demanding client, you and your team are hard pressed to satisfy every information need in a timely, cost-effective manner. Each person on your team knows what they need and how they need to see the data in order to effectively monitor and improve results, analyse problems and make recommendations to achieve business success. It is crucial that you and your users be given the tools to quickly and effectively get accurate, actionable information and receive and display that information in a way that is meaningful to them, based on roles, responsibilities, project requirements and initiatives.

ElegantJ BI solutions can make your job easier! You can analyse information, create recommendations, communicate and cascade information and then monitor and review strategy and drill down to view issues and adapt swiftly and confidently. The ElegantJ BI suite of products can help you with all of these tasks and more, and it is simple, practical and affordable to use. Your stakeholders and clients will receive clear, concise information and your projects and initiatives will be completed quickly, and with fewer dedicated consulting resources. Best of all, your internal or external clients will be very satisfied with the results and the direction you provide. What could be better than a satisfied client?

The Best Consulting services Depend on Accurate, Timely, Actionable Information

Your recommendations and decisions are critical to business results, project success and the ongoing success of your organisation or your client relationship. You must have access to complete information and that information must be presented in a way that will optimise your time. The way to make a lasting, positive impression is to provide consulting advice and counsel that is clear, concise, accurate and actionable. If a particular business strategy is not in alignment with the goals, objectives and activities of every business unit, division, department, team and individual, the individuals in an organisation are working at cross purposes and your consulting project or initiative is likely to fail. You must provide information that is valuable and timely or your services are of no use to the organisation.

Here are just a few examples of the issues a business consultant faces on a daily basis:

  • A new competitor or competitive product or service requires that you recommend a change in the market approach.
  • Your consulting tools and utilities are not competent to meet the changing face of the consulting market
  • The reporting and data stream you use is complex and must be manually integrated and analysed to produce meaningful information
  • Your project and task schedules and timelines are shorter than ever before
  • You must produce sophisticated reports and results to easily and clearly illustrate your findings and make recommendations that are simple for internal or external clients to understand
  • You must be able to monitor the current strategy and understand where it is working and where it needs to be refocused
  • Data and information must enable a simple view of annual results and how these compare to competitors and to the projections made by the organisation
  • Your consulting tools must allow you to see dependencies and the correlation between organizational structure, learning and growth activities, sales results and customer satisfaction
  • Your clients are more sophisticated than ever before and they expect you to produce results and recommendations faster and with more accuracy.
  • You need to help your clients accelerate their planning and decision cycles and become more nimble in the market
  • Your clients want advice on how to better monitor current results and conditions and take early corrective action
  • You must provide professional, dependable advice to help your clients focus their strategy, cascade that strategy and enforce accountability, so they can align the business organisation and work together to achieve goals

ElegantJ BI and CPM solutions:

  • Support strategic planning and goal-setting
  • Support end-users and individual roles and responsibilities
  • Track and alert issues that impact progress toward goals using objective metrics
  • Improve accountability
  • Provide easily customised balanced scorecards, and other features to present data in a professional, concise manner
  • Provide transparency and insight into every function and area of the organisation or client company
  • Facilitate improvement Initiatives to address performance gaps
  • Provide a browser-based environment for easy, fast implementation and integration with other enterprise applications
  • Provide powerful features to support research, key performance indicators (KPIs), and , forecasting and predictive analysis
  • Provide powerful impact and sensitivity analysis tools that are simple enough to be used by anyone – to determine the focus area for performance improvement and develop recommendations
  • Provide flexible licensing for solution implementation on premises or hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) environs
  • Provide forecasting and predictive analysis capability to help you stay abreast of and anticipate market changes

The Power of Personalised, Flexible BI at an Affordable Cost

The ElegantJ BI portal enables every user to customise dashboard, balanced scorecards, and report formats and to quickly assemble the components and data required to create a clear picture of project, team, product, service, department or divisional issue and business results. You do not have to make a decision for every user as to how to find, display and use information. Our ElegantJ BI solution provides an intuitive, easy-to-use environment with the flexibility to present custom views, alerts and information. So, you need not sacrifice flexibility or incur great expense to achieve established goals.

Your return on investment (ROI) will be swift. Implementation is quick and easy and training is minimal. User adoption is fast and users will embrace the product with enthusiasm! No matter the consulting project or issue, every user will have an affordable, flexible tool at their fingertips. ElegantJ BI solutions can accommodate every requirement, no matter the size of the project, the complexity of the strategic initiative, or the focus of the research, review or requirement. We provide on premises or hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation options so your organisation and/or your client organisation can deploy and use the solutions without significant impact to budget. Total cost of ownership (TCO) is minimal!

When you consider a Corporate Performance Management Solution, we encourage you to review our credentials and our product suite. Elegant MicroWeb has more than a decade of experience in Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management and our products and dedicated service are designed to achieve proven results and to help our clients align strategy, tactics and operations for ultimate Corporate Performance Management!

Sample Case Study

“Being the business consultant within my company, I have the responsibility to monitor the business evolution and to solve critical business issues before they have a major impact on the company success. I also have to foresee new opportunities and bring them to the attention of the executive team so that they can leverage market and customer opportunity before the competition gets a foothold.”
Chris Campbell, Age 45, Business Consulting Manager, Proactive Solutions Inc.

Proactive Solutions is a technology company, employing 250 people with an annual revenue of $65 million dollars. In his role as business consulting manager, Chris needs to present a clear picture of current performance to stakeholders and, at the same time, provide recommendations to existing barriers to success and predict trends and recommend strategies to ensure company success. In the past two years, the organisation has experienced a decline in dependable suppliers and an increase in customer attrition. Chris has been asked to recommend a way to better manage the business so that these types of problems do not become systemic or critical before they are discovered and addressed by the executive team.

In order to complete this consulting project, and to establish a foundation for future growth and success, Chris must start with the fundamentals. How can the organisation reduce supplier delays and improve dependability among the suppliers? How can the organisation reduce turnover in the client base and thereby reduce the annual cost of new client acquisition? Based on his research and review of information contained in enterprise systems, Chris believes the percentage of new clients generated each year is increasing year-over-year and that their in ability to maintain a repeat client business is costing the organisation greatly. He believes that the organisation must improve client and supplier management in order to achieve targets, but he must support these assumptions with concise information to show historical results and to predict future trends if these problems are not resolved.

Chris must find a technology solution that will help him gain insight into the market, his products and pricing, his supply chain, his costs and other factors in order to develop a thorough picture of supplier impact and client turnover.

However, Chris also wants to focus on tomorrow! The solution he selects should provide the answers he needs today and it should be flexible enough to become the standard for information management and analysis going forward and to grow with the organisation and satisfy future requirements for data, analysis and decisions.

The solution he selects must be simple and easy to adopt, and one that will provide the flexibility to enable every user to see and manipulate data in a way that is meaningful to them. It must also ensure fast, easy implementation and optimise total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI).

Chris selected the ElegantJ BI solution to satisfy his need to integrate, filter and analyse information. If he was to make recommendations to streamline processes and improve business results, he also wanted to establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to align with and cascade from the enterprise strategy. Using the ElegantJ BI suite of products, he was able to easily analyse current business information and provide simple, intuitive reports to satisfy stakeholders. This information allowed Chris to easily display the correlated tasks and dependencies and to illustrate for stakeholders how to best address the apparent issues with a full picture of the consequences and results of corrective actions on other areas of the business.

Client Turnover – Based on the recommendations Chris made, the executive team confidently decided to reduce the number of client loses by 20% over a twelve month period. To accomplish this, they would introduce incentives tied to the number of orders the client placed within a twelve month time period. Chris and his team established dashboards and alerts to monitor the initiative and report on results as the strategy progressed.

Supplier Dependability – Using the ElegantJ BI suite of products and analytical tools, Chris estimated that the organisation could reduce supplier delays by 25% over the next twelve months. To achieve this goal, he recommended that the organisation source and engage two additional suppliers – one for the Northeast and one for the European continent. Chris and his team created a Balanced Scorecard to monitor and produce monthly results including information on delayed deliveries, third party supply shortages and other factors that might impede supplier success.

Once Chris had achieved his initial goals, he went on to create balanced scorecards for his team including individual and roles-based perspectives to allow every team and member to understand the objectives and how their activities impacted overall goals. This performance management initiative enabled Chris and his team to monitor results and to communicate necessary changes and it elevated awareness among all team members so that everyone was working with the same understanding of short-term and long-term goals. With ElegantJ BI solutions, Chris and his team can easily monitor, review and revised strategy and assignments based on objective metrics and results. There is no guess work involved!

Dashboards, alerts, impact and sensitivity analysis, and other features provide Chris with the flexibility and information required to define metrics, monitor results and make changes to processes and assignments to keep the company on track and to help the team hold the line on costs and overhead. With dynamic business analytics, personalised reporting and flexible views and alerts, Chris and his team are able to stay abreast of business results, determine the cause of issues when they arise and use interactive dashboards and scorecards to manage the business today and in the future!

If you are ready to improve results and satisfy the need for accurate, timely business consulting and analysis, please contact us. We can tell you how our ElegantJ BI Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence can help you, your organisation, your clients and your business results. Contact us via email, phone or fax.  Contact us now


"We were looking for 100% browser based, feature rich, simple to use BI tool that has shorter learning curve and implementation cycle. We found that ElegantJ BI is the tool meeting our requirements, we are glad to have ElegantJ BI implemented in our organization with shorter implementation cycle, ease of use and faster ROI."

- Leading Infrastructure Development Company, Saudi Arabia

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BI enhances enterprise productivity and customer satisfaction, and can help your organization to move forward and adapt to market, customer and competitive changes with the click of a mouse! If you need to establish objective metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitor and assess your results against plan and strategy, BI can help you achieve these goals and more!

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BI and Corporate Performance Management – Services

BI enhances enterprise productivity and customer satisfaction, and can help your organization to move forward and adapt to market, customer and competitive changes with the click of a mouse! If you need to establish objective metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitor and assess your results against plan and strategy, BI can help you achieve these goals and more!

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