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ElegantJ BI – BI Tool for Customer ProfilingMarketing strategy has always been at the heart of enterprise success. To succeed in any industry, the business must first understand its customers, market and product demographics and trends and patterns in the market in which the company is engaged. To build upon that success, the enterprise must actively work to acquire and retain customers. Every customer has a buying behavior and it is imperative that the enterprise understand that behavior if they are to encourage sales.

The need to profile and understand customers is an ongoing requirement, and the organisation must update customer profiles and monitor changes in buying behavior based demographics, geographies, psychographics and behavioral buying data. Customer profiling requires a concise data mining process to build customer profiles for various customer groups using data in the existing enterprise data bases and systems. However, many organisations find it difficult to leverage and understand the customer profile and sales data they have, because this information resides in disparate locations and is difficult, if not impossible, to integrate and summarize.

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