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Operational Business Intelligence Tool – Operational Managers

As an Operations Manager, you must deal with the big picture and the tactical approach, every day – sometimes at the same moment! To stay attuned to the needs of your organisation and team, you must quickly gather, filter and understand business results so you can create an accurate picture of the business operation, its progress, its issues and its goals and strategy.

In order to accurately depict results, and help the organisation support the need for facilities, staff, financial and other growth, you must make swift, accurate decisions

using the right tools. In today’s competitive business environment, no one has the luxury of unlimited time to find, filter and view information, to wait for custom reports or to delay critical decisions until all information is in hand. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual staff and team meetings require different data, different views and different decisions. Some decisions are critical to the long-term success of the organisation and some seem mundane. Yet, no business decision is made without an impact to the individual, function, department, role or business unit.

You need a Business Intelligence Tool and Corporate Performance Management solutions that can support operational business intelligence to accommodate your needs and one that will satisfy the needs of other users in different roles, so that you can collaborate and establish a solid foundation for business growth and management in the future. Because your role often requires you to see performance and results from both the tactical and high-level perspective, you may struggle to find the right solution that will allow you to manage the day-to-day customer service performance and inventory levels, as well as the larger, long-term targets for facilities, equipment, production and future staffing and training to accommodate growth.

Business Intelligence Tool

With ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence Tool and Corporate Performance Management solutions, you can leverage simplicity, affordability and practicality to quickly understand results and analyse issues and to align business units and individuals users without sacrificing crucial high-level strategic functionality and features. In short, you need both a big picture view and a tactical solution – and one that is simple to use at all levels of the organisation. Our CPM and BI solution suite provides a target-based view, with automated publishing and delivery of alerts to notify you of issues as they arise and give you the time and focus to take corrective action. You can also utilize our personalised dashboards and create different views to accommodate your changing perspective. Our filters and drill down features enable swift analysis so you can thoroughly understand the root cause of a problem and make the right decision; quickly adapting your tasks and assignments to stay on track.

ElegantJ BI Operational Business Intelligence solutions provide simple, practical and affordable features and functionality to satisfy every user need with intuitive, browser-based analytics designed to support effective, rapid decisions! Moreover, our balanced scorecards, key performance indicators (KPIs), impact and sensitivity analysis, and forecasting and predictive analysis features are cutting-edge. We provide a simple, intuitive system environment and user interface with complex capabilities. We have done all the work, so you can use our Operational Business Intelligence solution for swift, accurate analysis without worrying about report design or complex formulas.

The Best Decisions Depend on Accurate, Timely, Actionable Information

As an Operations Manager, your decisions are critical to business results, and the ongoing success of your organisation. You must have access to complete information and that information must be presented in a way that will optimise your time. In order to do your job, you must use and provide information that is valuable and timely.

Here are just a few examples of the issues an Operations Manager faces on a daily basis:

  • A new product or service requires that you implement a training program and hire staff to support the new product or service line.
  • The executive team needs information on the facilities expansion in the Western region and rising overhead and equipment costs.
  • The enterprise systems used by your organisation are not integrated or accessible to key team members
  • Product quality issues within one or more product lines are eroding customer confidence and have resulted in recalls
  • You must produce sophisticated reports and results to satisfy the executive team and to justify hiring, expenses and travel initiatives.
  • You must understand the day-to-day results of client-centric teams like customer service and sales
  • You must adapt to changing priorities from the executive team
  • You need a thorough understanding of the impact and dependencies of every task and activity
  • You have been asked to reduce overhead by 20% in the coming year.
  • You are always being asked to do more, with less!

ElegantJ BI and CPM solutions:

  • Provide clear, concise information in flexible formats and with timely delivery options
  • Track and alert issues that impact daily progress toward goals using objective metrics
  • Improve accountability at every level of the organisation
  • Provide transparency and insight into every function and short-term and long-term performance
  • Facilitate improvement Initiatives to address performance gaps, sustain quality and provide appropriate resources at the appropriate time
  • Provide powerful features to support key performance indicators (KPIs), balanced scorecard views, forecasting and predictive analysis
  • Identify and support appropriate focus area(s) for performance improvement
  • Provide a simple, automated delivery and publishing agent to notify you and your team when issues arise

The Power of Robust Operational Business Intelligence – Without Breaking the Bank!

The ElegantJ BI portal enables every user to customise dashboard and report formats and to quickly assemble the components and data required to create a clear picture of project, team, product, service, department or divisional issue and business results. You do not have to make a decision for every user as to how to find, display and use information. Our Operational Business Intelligence solution, ElegantJ BI provides an intuitive, easy-to-use environment with the flexibility to present custom views, alerts and information. So, you need not sacrifice flexibility or incur great expense to achieve established goals.

Your return on investment (ROI) will be swift. Implementation is quick and easy and training is minimal. User adoption is fast and users will embrace the product with enthusiasm! Every user will have an affordable, flexible Business Intelligence Tool at their fingertips and your busy day will be made easier because every team member understands the goals and targets and how their assigned activities impact those goals. We provide on premises or hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation options so your organisation and/or your client organisation can deploy and use the solutions without significant impact to budget. And, the best news is you’re your total cost of ownership (TCO) is minimal!

When you consider a Corporate Performance Management Solution, we encourage you to review our credentials and our product suite. Elegant MicroWeb has more than a decade of experience in BI and CPM and our products and dedicated service are designed to achieve proven results and to help our clients align strategy, tactics and operations for ultimate corporate performance management!

Sample Case Study

“I am an Operations Manager working in the retail sector. My executive team has asked me to research planning and sales for commodities and to reduce overhead while maintaining the flexibility to produce and sell the products planned for launch within the next two years.”
Vuong Paul, Age 38, Operations Manager, Win Mart

Vuong is the Operations Manager for a retail company that employs 500 people and generates an annual revenue of $25 million. Vuong is a member of a task force that is responsible for the development and execution of a plan to reduce overhead and, at the same time, maintain enough facilities space, stock and staff to handle sales targets and to be flexible enough to support the growth of the product line which is to include three new products within the next 24 months.

In order to accomplish the prescribed goals, Vuong and the task force must first understand where stock and warehouses can be reduced, which products are selling well and where demand is high. If there are areas of the country or products that no longer require the same level of sales staff or support or plant personnel, Vuong and the task force team must make recommendations for reduction in workforce or physical space and/or inventory. It is imperative that this team have the tools to quickly and accurately analyse sales, revenue and other factors so that they do not make incorrect assumptions. The team needs to look at products by SKU, region, seasonality, sales team, and other factors in order to truly analyse the results and understand where expenses can be reduced and where there is a logical answer for a reduction in sales or results. Otherwise, they may make decisions that negatively impact the organisation over the long-term. Vuong knows that the team needs to understand sales targets and why they might be low in any given week. They must also understand how products have performed over an historical period, by region, category, sales team, client demographic, etc. They must also review the facilities, suppliers, production, shipping and distribution factors.

In order to complete this project, and to establish a foundation for future growth and success, Vuong and the task force must select a business intelligence and corporate performance management product suite that will provide the flexibility, simplicity and accessibility they need to gather and analyse the information swiftly and to make appropriate corrections and recommendations. They must also consider the use of this system on an ongoing basis to monitor the results of their recommendations and to plan for the changes they will need to accommodate new products and the market and client base in the future.

Vuong and the team selected the ElegantJ BI solution to satisfy their immediate need to integrate, filter and analyse information. Vuong also wanted to establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to align with and cascade from the enterprise strategy so that they team and all end-users could monitor results and hold expenses at the budgeted level and so that they could plan for the future and adapt to competitive and market changes quickly and with confidence

Using the ElegantJ BI suite of products, he was able to easily analyse current business information and provide simple, intuitive reports to clarify the appropriate targets and areas of business focus. The team also utilized automated alerts to satisfy the needs of the task force and keep each team member abreast of issues and progress, as they developed their recommendations. This information allowed the team to easily display the correlated tasks and dependencies and to illustrate how to best address the issues with a full picture of the consequences and results of corrective actions on other areas of the business.

Reduce Overhead – Using the ElegantJ BI suite of solutions, Vuong and the team initially ascertained that the product sales in the Southern urban region was weak overall. Further drill-down and research determined that the sales team in the Southern quadrant was short-handed and therefore could not satisfy the client demand. It was decided that the facilities in the Southern quadrant would not be closed or down-sized. In fact, the team decided to add staff in that quadrant. The Northern urban region revealed a steady decline in the sale of three products. Inventory in this regional warehouse was overstocked and the sales team was spending precious time trying to sell products that had clearly declined in popularity in this all important region. The task force decided to reduce warehouse space and cut the inventory for these three products. By taking this action, they would have the space to stock other items that were consistently selling well and dedicate critical sales momentum to those products, thereby optimizing resources and avoiding the planned hire of two additional sales team members in that region.

Establish Flexible Operational Environs – As the team continued its analysis, they discovered that the three products under scrutiny in the Northern urban region were also declining – albeit slowly – in other regions. It was decided to cut production of these items and reduce supply, shipping, inventory and sales costs. The additional production capacity would be used to produce the top selling five items that showed the most or least resistance to seasonality and were the most consistently popular among all demographics. The organisation would accommodate the new product production with an expanded space option in its existing leased space in Chicago, Illinois which would reduce shipping and distribution costs across the United States and result in a lower facility cost than the other available space in or around its regional facilities.

During this critical project, the ElegantJ BI dashboards, alerts, impact and sensitivity analysis, balanced scorecards and other features provided Vuong and his task force team with the flexibility and information required to define metrics, monitor results and make changes to keep the company on track and to help the team hold the line on costs and overhead. With dynamic business analytics, personalised reporting and flexible views and alerts, Vuong and his team are able to stay abreast of business results, determine the cause of issues when they arise and use interactive dashboards and scorecards to manage the business today and in the future!

At the close of the task force project, Vuong and the other team members continued to use and promote the use of ElegantJ BI as a means to cascade critical company strategy, align business units and stay abreast of results. Today, the organisation uses ElegantJ BI CPM and BI to manage day-to-day, strategic, competitive, customer, financial, sales, production, shipping and regional information.

If you are ready to improve results and satisfy the need for accurate, timely business analysis today and in the future, please contact us. We can tell you how our ElegantJ BI Corporate Performance Management solutions and Business Intelligence Tool can help you, your organisation, your end-users and your business results. Contact us via email, phone or fax. Contact us now


"We were looking for 100% browser based, feature rich, simple to use BI tool that has shorter learning curve and implementation cycle. We found that ElegantJ BI is the tool meeting our requirements, we are glad to have ElegantJ BI implemented in our organization with shorter implementation cycle, ease of use and faster ROI."

- Leading Infrastructure Development Company, Saudi Arabia

Simple, Practical, Affordable proposition of ElegantJ BI

Business Intelligence Tool – Advantages

ElegantJ BI is simple to use, practical to implement and affordable for every organization. We offer Software as a Service and on-premises licensing options. Our flexible user interface enables easy personalization of dashboards and custom automated alerts to notify users when a critical business metric has been achieved or a problem arises.

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