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Business Intelligence consulting

Business agility is essential to every business enterprise, and your success depends on your ability to make rapid, reliable decisions with complete confidence in the integrity of the information you use to make those decisions! In an ever–changing competitive environment, you must ensure that you can develop and monitor results, in summary and detail form to enable market response and ensure company growth and success.

Business Intelligence Suite

The ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence Consulting team has more than a decade of global experience and we work with proven consulting and delivery models to ensure swift, accurate results and put you on the road to true business intelligence and performance management. We leverage our experience, skill and knowledge in the business intelligence and performance management domain to provide cutting–edge, affordable services to our clients.

We work with you to ensure that our business intelligence solutions and services are aligned with the enterprise business vision. Our world–class, responsive business intelligence consulting and performance management services can help your organization to get the most out of BI and CPM initiatives and ensure that your team is prepared to leverage the power of these solutions.

BI and CPM Consulting and Implementation services

Our business intelligence consulting team provides critical technical, functional and user support to enhance the value of the product within your organisation.

We can provide insight, consulting and assistance in numerous areas, including the following:

  • Analyse and understand the organizational strategy and determine how best to leverage CPM and BI
  • Design strategy maps and Balanced Scorecards that suit the organizational need
  • Design and develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to align metrics with desired results
  • Provide project planning, monitoring and control services for BI and CPM projects
  • Design and develop dashboards, analytics, and reports
  • Design data warehouse frameworks
  • Integrate and consolidate diverse enterprise data sources
  • Provide deployment services
  • Plan and execute roll–out strategy
  • Assess training needs and develop and deliver a training program
  • Provide support for users and products

The ElegantJ Business Intelligence Consulting Team

Our business intelligence consultants specialize in BI and CPM and have a thorough understanding of the power and flexibility of our solutions. They can apply this experience to your project and your organisation to ensure return on investment (ROI) and end–user and management satisfaction. Our experts contribute to the success of your enterprise reporting, and can provide valuable insight into the use of balanced scorecards, key performance indicators (KPIs), and the development of dashboards as well as suggested information delivery, alerts and other value–add features and functionality of the system.

We can help you make implementation decisions and develop an implementation plan to meet your needs and the needs of your users. We have the expertise to handle demanding assignments. Whether your project involves departmental reporting, enterprise–wide information business intelligence (BI) analysis, or corporate performance management (CPM), our Business Intelligence consulting team can help you implement your Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions. We can function within a cross–functional team, and help you to gather requirements and better define your needs. Our experts have broad and deep BI and CPM exposure and experience, and we have worked across a variety of vertical markets and industries.

Elegant MicroWeb BI and CPM consultants have a wealth of domain knowledge, backed by proven technological expertise and a thorough knowledge of leadership and management techniques. Our professionals are an invaluable resource can provide unique product and market insight, thus enabling our team to implement the technology solutions that best addresses your unique business challenges. We are the ideal business intelligence and corporate performance management consulting service provider and we are ready to talk to you about your organizational requirements.

Our Business Intelligence services include consulting, training and business intelligence and corporate performance management support and maintenance services. If we can be of service to your organisation, please Contact Us!

Why BI?

Importance of BI

BI enhances enterprise productivity and customer satisfaction, and can help your organization to move forward and adapt to market, customer and competitive changes with the click of a mouse! If you need to establish objective metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitor and assess your results against plan and strategy, BI can help you achieve these goals and more!

Corporate Performance Management Benefits

Corporate Performance Management

ElegantJ BI CPM provides a unified view of performance, gaps and progress against objectives saving you time in the competitive market and providing valuable insight into trends, and the changes required to enhance performance. The Balanced Scorecard enables you to easily and quickly track performance by business unit, team and individual, and drive accountability.

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