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ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence solutions are rich, robust and suitable for all businesses no matter how small or large, no matter the industry or business focus. Our Business Intelligence products are simple to use and practical to implement. These solutions are simple, practical and affordable, and they are browser-based with a zero footprint and superior interoperability. They require less training and can be implemented – on premises or delivered via SaaS (Software as a Service). Implementation is completed in days or weeks, rather than months or years.

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The Business Value of Enterprise Performance Management


Martin Butler is well respected in ‘Business Intelligence’ industry circles and his latest report ‘The Business Value of Enterprise Performance Management’ compliments his earlier report ‘The Business Value of Business Intelligence’ extremely well.

Typically senior managers in most companies are only interested in high level information and end results rather than getting involved in disseminating individual transactions or processes. Some data can be difficult to access, bring together or create in report format which is where Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) becomes a valuable solution. It provides easy access to data together with comprehensive yet easy to use, flexible functionality. This enables management to plan, manage and monitor the performance of their organisation and measure results against their Key Performance Indicators.

The ElegantJ BI Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) system brings together all the components of a company‚Äôs activities including Finance (cash flow and sales performance), Customer facing and Internal processes including Human Resources to create a 'Balanced Scorecard'. This in turn enables departments to implement their strategy to achieve their overall corporate objectives. The Balanced Scorecard has a rich reporting functionality, has a colour coded alert mechanism and a ‘drill down’ process to identify critical issues.

Integrating Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) with Business Intelligence enables strategic decisions to be made and monitored effectively. It can be adapted to both large corporate companies or Small and Medium Enterprise (SME’s) from any industry sector.

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