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Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management – Case Studies

ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management solutions are rich, robust and suitable for all businesses no matter how small or large, no matter the industry or business focus. Our Business Intelligence products are simple to use and practical to implement. These solutions are simple, practical and affordable, and they are browser-based with a zero footprint and superior interoperability. They require less training and can be implemented – on premises or delivered via SaaS (Software as a Service). Implementation is completed in days or weeks, rather than months or years.

BI and Corporate Performance Management Resources

Please take the time to browse through our Case Study Library below, to learn more about ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management solutions and how we have helped other organisations to achieve their business goals. ElegantJ BI solutions can help you to achieve true business intelligence. Explore the powerful world of cutting-edge Business Intelligence and find out what others are saying about business intelligence and how it has improved their bottom line! Find out how organisations like yours have integrated ElegantJ BI with ERP and enterprise applications to create enterprise-wide analysis using affordable, simple, intuitive, business intelligence and corporate performance management solutions.

  • [EJBIR1010CS] – ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence – Implementation for a well-known Financial Securities Company in India

The client is a reputed financial securities company in India with a pan-India presence across 500 cities. They offer equity, commodity, and currency brokering and depository participant services.

They opt for an easy to use and highly cost-effective Business Intelligence Software, ElegantJ BI to consolidate data from multiple disparate data sources and empower users with highly interactive dashboards. Business Intelligence Software, ElegantJ BI was needed to reduce the dependency of business users on report developers and spreadsheets for day to day reporting and analysis requirements. Also, they wanted a system which is accessible through browsers from any location throughout the country. Learn More »

  • [EJBIR1009CS] – ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence – Implementation for a leading Telecom Company in Saudi Arabia

Client is a Saudi Arabia-based telecommunications company that offers landline, mobile and internet services.

They provide integrated mobile, fixed and broadband communications services to over 142 million subscribers in 10 markets including Saudi Arabia. Headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the client is the largest telecommunications company by market capitalization, total revenue and number of employees in the Arab State region. Learn More »

  • [EJBIR1008CS] – ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence – Implementation for a leading Construction and Infrastructure Development Company in Saudi Arabia

The client is a Saudi Arabia based company, founded in 1976 with a wide range of services at multiple locations. The Company started with the construction of various private and government facilities such as residential and commercial buildings, roads and other infrastructures.

To meet these challenges and to improve the performance across the departments, an enterprise scale Business Intelligence solution was required, which is 100% browser based with shorter implementation and training cycle. The BI solution optimized the value of their existing ERP application and converted their information requirement challenge into a huge competitive advantage at an unbelievable cost and time. Learn More »

  • [EJBIR1007CS] – ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence – Implementation for a Smart Heat Management Solutions company in USA

The client is a leading manufacturing of electric heating elements, systems and engineering services in USA. The client accelerates design, development and delivery of optimized heating systems, solutions and services for vital process heating applications.

They sought a Business Intelligence Solution to build a strong decision support system that runs on the different functional modules of their ERP system. The BI Solution would connect to any of the data sources scattered across the organization and build optimized multidimensional data models based on that data, and derive information that could help them take right decisions at the right time. Learn More »

  • [EJBIR1006CS] – ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence – Implementation for a Share Broking & Securities Trading Company in India

The client is a leading financial securities firm, who is a respected corporate member of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India. The company offers online digital contacts, transparent trading practices and extends personalized customer service and support.

They opted for a powerful Business Intelligence Solution built on industry standard architecture that is flexible enough to connect all data sources, including row transaction summary and details file from National Stock Exchange (NSE) systems. The BI solution was needed to answer all business as well as time-critical questions efficiently, and wanted a system that could be accessed through browsers from any location throughout the country. Learn More »

  • [EJBIR1005CS] – ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence – Implementation for a leading Pharmaceuticals Company in India

This client is a WHO-GMP compliant, ISO 9002 certified, leading publicly listed pharmaceutical company with a large shareholder base. The company manufactures all major dosage forms such as Tablets, Capsules, Injectibles, Syrups, Ointments, and other products. They wanted a Business Intelligence solution that would help them consolidate information from their ERP system and other applications and data bases within the organization. The company needed to create a central data warehouse and derive accurate MIS reports by integrating, transferring and accessing data scattered across different functional areas. The BI solution had to be interoperable with existing data sources, scalable for future requirements, and intuitive enough to reduce training and implementation time throughout the organization. Learn More »

  • [EJBIR1004CS] – ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence – Implementation for a leading Industrial Chemical Marketing and Distribution Company in India

The client is a leading Industrial Chemical Marketing and Distribution company with a pan-India presence, nation-wide branches, and a wide distribution network. They are engaged in the import, export, marketing and distribution of industrial chemicals, petrochemicals, dyes and dye intermediates, pharmaceuticals, yarns and fibres. As the business grew, business operation became increasingly complex. The organisation sought a consolidated Business Intelligence solution to help them leverage the value of their ERP solution. The BI solution must answer critical day-to-day business questions, and manage tactical management activities for organisational divisions. Built on industry standard architecture, the BI solution must also be interoperable with existing platforms (Windows, Oracle RDBMS, other small database and spreadsheets), quick to implement, across the organization and capable of consolidating data across different divisions and companies within the organization, strengthening decision support systems by answering critical questions in a timely manner. The versatile ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence suite was with the customised ERP solution quickly and easily, and end-users were able to easily understand operational performance, improve the quality of data and reduce the time to make informed, confident decisions and generate reports. ElegantJ BI provides an intuitive analytical environment in which this organisation can gain insight and manage corporate data and performance. Learn More »

  • [EJBIR1003CS] – ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence Implementation for a leading Construction and Infrastructure Development Company in India

This Construction and Infrastructure Development company has an annual revenue of more than $225 million USD, and 2200 employees located in over 50 locations. They developed an in-house ERP system, with built-in reporting capabilities, to manage the construction process. To achieve additional operational and tactical efficiency, and to lower overall operations costs, the company wished to incorporate a business intelligence solution that would be interoperable with the existing platforms, and could be quickly implemented in all offices and on all project sites. This system was to be hosted through their centralized IT infrastructure at their corporate office. The solution must be simple to use for all business users. ElegantJ BI was integrated with the existing Oracle-based ERP solution to meet the data mining and analysis needs of the users in all company offices and on all sites. The organisation used its own resources to deploy the solution in the production environment, and the client successfully reduced the total cost of ownership (TCO). ElegantJ BI enabled the users to understand operational performance, improve the quality of data and reports, reduce the time to generate reports, and leverage an intuitive, self-serve analytical environment to achieve critical insight and better manage corporate performance. Learn More »

  • [EJBIR1002CS] – ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence Implementation for a Not-for-Profit organization Working in the U.S.

This non-profit organization is a leader in promoting urban sustainability in the United States. It has the mandate to monitor and recommend efficient energy and resource consumption by corporate entities across the U.S. The key challenge for this company was to improve the quality of data, and decrease the time required to collect and validate data. They also need to publish graphs and analysis with varied periodic time series, and perform other ad hoc queries and complex analysis as part of their daily routine. The client wanted a BI solution that was simple to use, accessible from the web, and required minimal human resources to perform periodic tasks. ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence solution was deployed with a customized extract, transform and load (ETL) solution in a web based, easy-to-use, error-free analytic environment. The implementation was quick and the budget was small. Research coordinators at the client site could have a complete picture of the energy usage patterns and trends and they could view this information in hours rather than days. They started spending time on more critical activities, rather than collecting, consolidating and validating data from spreadsheets and other sources. Learn More »

  • [EJBIR1001CS] – ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence Implementation for Large Retail Chain in Japan

This company is one of the largest retail department chains in Japan, with annual revenue close to $2.5 billion and over 3,600 employees, working at diverse locations. The company wanted a business intelligence solution to bring clarity and insight operations and corporate performance across all departmental stores within their retail chain. The company needed to develop a data warehouse to monitor daily sales data from Point of Sales (POS) equipment across all locations, and required a data layout of 80 million rows and 71 columns. ElegantJ BI features and performance provided the foundation to meet company requirements and helped the management team to achieve objectives and goals. The company experienced significant improvement at the operational level because they were able to sustain a more thorough, timely flow of information across the retail value chain. Learn More »

If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like discuss your BI requirements or previous BI experience within your organisation, please feel free to contact us.


"We have blue-chip large clients, and we needed a BI and CPM tool that can offer architecture and features of these big brand BI tools, and still have much lower TCO. We evaluated many BI tools and vendors service levels, and then decided on partnership with ElegantJ BI. We are very happy with our decision after going through successful implementation for one of our very large customer, and with the training, support and development help provided by ElegantJ BI team. ElegantJ BI has given us very strong differentiator in the market, and we see great future for this partnership ahead."

- ElegantJ BI Consulting and Value Added Reseller Partner – Saudi Arabia

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ElegantJ BI Graphical BI OLAP makes it easy for your users to find, filter and analyze data, going beyond numbers, and allowing users to visualize the information with eye-catching, stunning displays, and valuable indicators and gauges, charts, and a variety of graph types from which to choose. Our charts and graphs are interactive and allow users to easily leverage OLAP mining and view data in a way that is meaningful to them.

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