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Impact and Sensitivity Analysis

Imagine what you could do with the right data! If your organisation could pinpoint the right price and prevent pricing changes from under achieving goals or over pricing items and creating a stall or decrease in sales. What if you could provide just the right training at the right time without spending more time or money than is necessary to achieve your training goals and stay abreast of the competition?

With ElegantJ BI Corporate Performance Management, your vision can become a reality! Our powerful Impact and Sensitivity Analysis tools enable your team to accurately determine the root cause of a business issue and to plan for the right resources, funding and changes at the right time.

You will not have to guess at the right number, or wonder if you are solving the right problem. ElegantJ BI Impact and Sensitivity Analysis features allow for sharp, concise analysis of issues, and summary reporting and drill down detail to provide the answers you need to make swift, appropriate business decisions.

Every business professional knows that one cannot expect to achieve results without a complete picture. However, a manager, individual contributor or executive cannot see the complete picture if they are unable to understand the impact of one task on another, or the complex dependencies at play within the metrics and measurements used by sales and the metrics used by production and manufacturing staff.

If the organisation can understand the impact of one decision, process or activity on another department, division or goal, it is easier to get focused and manage the outcome.

Let us consider the impact of four factors on the sales revenue of a national shoe company.

  • Purchasing – If supplies are not purchased on a timely basis, the enterprise cannot manufacture enough shoes to satisfy the demand
  • Shipment – If the organisation is having problems with its shipping and distribution partner, and these problems cause delays in shipping, it may lose retail partners and business
  • Retail Outlets – If retailers and outlets are not stocking and promoting the merchandise, the organisation will lose sales revenue
  • Pricing – If the pricing is too high, the organisation may not sell as many shoes.

Although all of the defined factors have an impact on the sale of shoes, it is imperative that the organisation understand which factors have the greatest impact and which factors are dependent on other factors.This information may be critical to the success of this organisation, but it is also difficult to find and filter without the right tools. Impact and Sensitivity Analysis algorithms are complex and if they are not used properly, they will result in incorrect, inaccurate data and the organisation may not achieve its goals.

CPM – Balanced Scorecards

Focused Business Strategy

With ElegantJ BI Balanced Scorecards and the built-in impact and analysis features, your organisation can establish objective metrics and users can quickly get to the source of the problem and understand how to make corrections with a complete understanding of dependencies and the factors and decisions that will have the greatest impact. ElegantJ BI Impact and Sensitivity Analysis is unique in the market and provides a powerful tool to change your business results and improve your bottom line. With a thorough understanding of the dependencies and correlation between and among goals, activities and functions, you can easily achieve your goals and plan your strategy with complete confidence.

Because our ElegantJ BI CPM solution is designed for simplicity and practicality, you need not be a mathematician to create and understand analytical reports. Our unique, multi-variate, non-linear analytical formulae and techniques puts the power of rich, complex analysis in the hands of every user.

The ElegantJ BI Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution is simple, practical, and affordable. Our ElegantJ BI Balanced Scorecard and Impact and Sensitivity Analysis features provide proven analytical and to easily and comprehensively obtain information and manage corporate strategy and tactical activities and to support accurate decisions and focus attention on the right tasks at the right time.

Sample Case Study

“We need to sort through the quicksand of information and understand how and where to make changes to help us achieve our goals. I am tired of guessing at the area of focus required to solve my problems.”
Jane Wilcox, Age 51, Whole Products Incorporated

Jane launched ‘Whole Products’ three years ago. The organisation consists of 28 employees and generates an annual revenue of $3.4 million dollars. She is planning to double her business size over the next two years. Like many small business managers, Jane plays multiple roles within the organisation and her need for information varies depending on the perspective she needs for any given situation. She is struggling to understand where and how to focus her attention in order to achieve the growth she plans and still hold to the budget she has projected for that time period.

In order to achieve her goals, Jane must find and deploy an affordable, dependable data and reporting system that offers the flexibility and analytical capability to understand market demands, provide industry-specific performance indicators and metrics and enable maximum customer reach. The BI and CPM solution must also satisfy her needs now and in the future, as her company grows. Jane’s end-users have limited technical skills and perform a variety of daily tasks, so she must select a system that is simple and easy to adopt, and one that will enable every user to see and manipulate data in a way that is meaningful to them. Because Jane plays a number of roles within this small business organisation, she also needs a solution that will be flexible for her needs, regardless of the role she is playing at any given moment.

Jane selected the ElegantJ BI solution suite to satisfy the defined requirements. This solution provided simple, swift data integration and analytical capability and was easy and cost-effective to implement. It provided Jane with a clear picture of the impact of historical decisions and results. Dashboards, alerts, impact and sensitivity analysis, balanced scorecards and other features also gave her the flexibility and information she needed to objectively and clearly measure and monitor results on an ongoing basis, and to make changes to processes and assignments to keep the company on track for desired growth. Metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) clearly illustrate accountability and where changes must be made. With the ElegantJ BI solution, Jane and every member of her team can establish key alerts and delivery and publishing guidelines so she automatically receives the information she needs via email. Once the ElegantJ BI suite was implemented, Jane quickly got to work to analyse her business results and determine where to place her focus in order to achieve the planned growth.

The Balanced Scorecard, Impact and Sensitivity Analysis produced the following results:

  • Cost of goods – 4.0
  • Customer satisfaction – 1.7
  • Employee satisfaction – 1.2
  • Product quality – 6.0
CPM – Impact and Sensitivity Analysis

Jane has her answer! Her focus will be on product quality and cost of goods because they have the most significant impact on gross profit. This analysis ensures that the enterprise will focus their energy, funding and resources to achieve the greatest positive impact on gross profit.

As Jane’s Case Study illustrates, the ElegantJ BI balanced scorecard Impact and Sensitivity Analysis features provide the foundation for critical focus to ensure that no activity, strategy or goal is misdirected. Analytical results are simple to understand so users can quickly improve the accuracy of decisions. This functionality is not available as a standard feature in most Business Intelligence or Corporate Performance Management products. It is a distinctive, differentiating factor in our ElegantJ BI solution.

ElegantJ BI Corporate Performance Management Solution
Provides Comprehensive Impact and Sensitivity Analysis

The ElegantJ BI and CPM suite of solutions provides powerful functionality to:

  • Support strategic planning and goal-setting
  • Track progress toward goals using objective metrics and measurements
  • Adapt , revise and review strategies based on results
  • Analyse the impact of correlated metrics using multi-variate, non-linear analysis
  • Obtain an understanding of high-impact factors
  • Focus on the most important factors and tasks to achieve the greatest results in the shortest time
  • Continuously review and revise strategy to reflect your focus area and adapt to change as necessary
  • Provide transparency and insight into every corner of the organisation
  • Facilitate improvement Initiatives to address performance gaps

When you consider a Corporate Performance Management Solution, we encourage you to review our credentials and our product suite. Elegant MicroWeb has more than a decade of experience in BI and CPM and our products and dedicated service are designed to achieve proven results and to help our clients align strategy, tactics and operations for ultimate Corporate Performance Management!

You can find out more about our ElegantJ BI Corporate Performance Management Solution and our robust Balanced Scorecard and Impact and Sensitivity Analysis features. Enhance your business results and stay ahead of the game with ElegantJ BI CPM!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at contact@ElegantJBI.com

Corporate Performance Management Video

ElegantJ BI Introduction

Corporate Performance Management – Introduction Video

Elegant BI Corporate Performance Management solutions provide proven analytical and intelligence tools including balanced scorecards, graphical mining, and other data mining tools to easily and comprehensively obtain information and manage corporate strategy and tactical activities. Corporate Performance Management solutions can help you integrate and improve business processes to plan, monitor, analyse, direct and improve performance. Our product features and functionality can help your organization develop, monitor, track and produce business performance and enable performance management goals and objectives, ensure appropriate operational management, and analyze the effectiveness of high-level strategy and day-to-day tactical tasks and activities.

What IF Sensitivity Analysis

What If Sensitivity Analysis Tool

ElegantJ BI What If Analysis module utilizes integrated data and powerful OLAP, graphical and dashboard features to clearly and accurately illustrate the business results of a prospective market entry, a potential change in pricing, impact on profit margins, break even schedules or an expansion of products or services.

Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis Tool

ElegantJ BI transforms vision into reality! Our powerful Impact and Sensitivity Analysis tools enable your team to accurately determine the root cause of a business issue and to plan for the right resources, funding and changes at the right time. You won’t have to guess at the right number, or wonder if you are solving the right problem.

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