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As a business intelligence company, we believe in cultivating and building partnerships to ensure the success of our Business Intelligence company, our partners and – most of all – our clients. Our strong, sustained partnerships are based on mutual success and trust and we provide ample support and services to ensure that success is guaranteed. Our clients and the clients we share with our partners reap the benefits of these partnerships and they can count on dependable, affordable services, excellent customer service and communication and team members who are dedicated to serving the client and to providing excellent quality and skills to meet every client and project need.

We have global partnerships with well respected IT product and service providers in Europe, the United States (U.S.), the United Kingdom (U.K.), the Middle East and South East Asia. Together ElegantJ and its partners create a comprehensive performance environment to support specific business intelligence, technology and operational requirements with simple, affordable products and services.

Business Intelligence & Corporate Performance Management – Partnerships

ElegantJ BI Partners

Business Intelligence Partners UK - Quantum BI

BI Consulting and Reseller Partner, UK
Quantum BI, Business Intelligence United Kingdom

Quantum BI is an IT services Company based in the United Kingdom (U.K.). Quantum BI has a well established background in Information Delivery, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (BI) consultancy working with prestigious business enterprises across a variety of industry sectors, including financial services, banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, and health. Key clients include Halifax Bank of Scotland, Pearl Group Ltd, Experian, Australian Mutual Provident, Barclaycard, Unipath, Swisscom, UKTSSA, Cornhill Insurance, Pfizer Research, BUPA, and National Power. Learn more about our Business Intelligence in UK.
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ElegantJ BI Partner Profile – Just Sourcing, Finland and Sweden

ElegantJ BI Partner Profile – Just Sourcing, Finland and Sweden

Just Sourcing – A Northern Europe based software and IT solutions specialists working with small & medium size businesses in Finland and Sweden. The company has extensive experience in IT management, management consulting, distributed offshore product development and project delivery services. The company provides value added consulting and project management services to clients in various industry sectors and is well placed to deliver optimum value of Business Intelligence for their clients through implementation of ElegantJ Business Intelligence solutions.
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Business Intelligence Partner Netherlands – IQ professional Consulting BV (IQ-PCC)

BI Consulting and Reseller Partner, Netherlands
IQ professional Consulting BV (IQ-PCC), Business Intelligence Netherlands

IQ professional Consulting BV (IQ-PCC) is the most reliable and efficient solution provider, offering total IT solutions (end-to-end) in the Benelux market. IQ-PCC mainly focuses on area of consulting and business applications on the Cloud Market.
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Business Intelligence Partners Malaysia - ka consulting

BI Consulting and Reseller Partner, Malaysia
KA Consulting SDN BHD, Business Intelligence Malaysia

KA Consulting is a software solutions specialists located in Malaysia, with a proven record of working with small and medium sized businesses in Southeast Asia. With extensive experience in providing value-added consulting services, software development, hardware solutions and systems integration, KA Consulting helps clients to derive optimum value from ElegantJ BI, Business Intelligence implementation. Learn more about KA Consulting Business Intelligence Company in Malaysia.
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Business Intelligence Partners UK - Perform World

BI OEM Partners, UK
PerformWorld, Business Intelligence United Kingdom

PerformWorld is located in the United Kingdom (U.K.), and is focused on measuring and identifying performance improvement strategies to optimise processes, technology and people. PerformWorld has implemented performance measurement systems, and benchmarking and diagnostics tools for finance, customer support and human resources shared service centers in renowned, large organisations in the U.K. and Europe.
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Business Intelligence Partners UK - Community People

BI OEM Partners, UK
Community People, Business Intelligence United Kingdom

Community People is a leading Internet community and eDemocracy solution provider in the United Kingdom (U.K.). Community People enables organisations to efficiently and effectively consult and engage with stakeholders. eConsult is the Community People comprehensive consultation solution which is designed to allow a business to respond to relevant consultations, either in survey form or by using more deliberative processes to address more involved consultation.
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Business Intelligence - M–N Business Intelligence

BI Consulting and Reseller Partner, India
M&N BI, Business Intelligence India

M&N Business Intelligence (www.mnnbi.com) is a leading provider of Business Intelligence services to software firms, analytic firms in India. M&N Business Intelligence also works closely with various partners from United States, Europe, Africa and Middle East in providing Business Intelligence services.
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The Power of ElegantJ BI is at Your Fingertips with BI for Mobile Devices

Mobile Business Intelligence Tool

The ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management suite is compatible with all popular Smart Phones and tablets including iPad and iPhone as well as Android Smart Phones and tablets. Your team members can use a Smart Phone or tablet to access the complete suite of Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management modules and leverage our powerful features, including personalized, intuitive dashboards, exception alerts, KPI Monitoring, Analytics, graphical mining and reporting.


"ElegantJ BI is very powerful and intuitive tool, we are happy to offer & implement ElegantJ BI to our clients. Their partnership program is a win-win proposition for us, and they provide excellent presales and technical support. It is great value for us as partners, and great value for our customers for their BI investments."

– ElegantJ BI OEM Partner,
Saudi Arabia