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Mobile Business Intelligence - Crosstab OLAP Analysis Tool

Cross-tab OLAP analytics offers a 360° view of your business to provide objective metrics to quickly and easily determine how your organization, department, division or team is achieving goals and plan numbers. Seamless integration with data extraction and cube management features, and ad-hoc queries and BI reporting ensures that you have a complete, detailed, clarified view of corporate performance.

With ElegantJ BI Mobile Business Intelligence and Performance Management, you can meet every information, data and analytical need with simplicity and affordability. Our custom, ad hoc, reporting environment is easy-to-use and our wizard features provide a step-by-step, drag and drop process that allows you to create professional, precise, custom analysis in minutes.

ElegantJ BI cubes turn disparate data sources and information into valuable Mobile Business Intelligence. With the cross tab OLAP Analysis Tool, users can engage in multi-dimensional cross-tab analysis, on modeled cubes to explore large volumes of summarized data in seconds. They can easily filter data, change report layouts, add charts, and perform calculations on-the-fly as is most relevant to their needs, all within a browser-based environment!

ElegantJ Cross Tab BI OLAP Analysis Tool requires no technical knowledge or knowledge of algorithms or statistics. Implementation is fast and easy and our Cross Tab BI OLAP Analysis Tool requires little training. Users can create cross-tab analysis using simple drag and drop features, in a browser-based, self-serve environment.

If you want to manage your business with complete insight and simple, intuitive Mobile Business Intelligence and CPM, Contact Us Here or at sales@ElegantJBI.com.

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