Managed Memory Computing

Not just in-memory processing anymore

There comes a time when a technology changes and disrupts the prevailing accommodative calm.

In Business Intelligence, it has been accepted that with expanding usage, in terms of the number of users or the increased application of Business Intelligence, the need for additional hardware will be high. Along with the cost of more licenses, the hardware needs to expand also, so the increase in cost is multifold.

This increase in cost limits the possibilities one explores for Business Intelligence.

Managed Memory Computing allows administrators to quickly and easily allocate hardware memory, based on criticality of data analytics and hardware availability, so you can avoid the cost of additional hardware and satisfy data and information processing needs for users across the organization.

ElegantJ BI puts the power in your hands

ElegantJ BI – Power of Managing Memory Allocation through Managed Memory Computing in Business Intelligence Software

Power of Managing memory allocation

Optimize memory with application and priority of BI analytics, rather than number of users

ElegantJ BI – Power of Choice with Managed Memory Computing in Business Intelligence

Power of Choice

Choose which data should be used in memory, based on priority and application of BI analytics

ElegantJ BI – Power of Having More with Managed Memory Computing in Business Intelligence Software

Power of having More

Expand BI usage without increasing cost of hardware, without changing the hardware

ElegantJ BI – Power of Speed with Managed Memory Computing in Business Intelligence Tool

Power of Speed

Aggregated data in memory for amazing performance

ElegantJ BI powered by Managed Memory Computing, lets you ReImagine the application of BI, you can add more branches, departments and users, with no new spike in cost or reduction in performance. We have solved the problem you have been wanting us to resolve for years.

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